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Why You Should Work Out With Your Loved One

Great relationships don’t just happen overnight – just like your fitness routine, they need time, effort and dedication. So put down that bottle of wine, there are healthier ways to bond with your partner. Alison Davies tells us why working out as a couple could strengthen your relationship as well as your body...

2 MIN READ • BY Health and Wellbeing

5-Minutes To Work Your Core

Combine these two exercises for a great core and conditioning workout. Start with 10 med ball slams then go straight into three reps of the max effort plank. Perform three or four rounds with minimal rest between exercises and rounds.

1 MIN READ • BY Kristoph Thompson

6 Fat-Loss Secrets

Diet not working? Ditch yo-yo eating and drop pounds with these workout tips for losing fat fast!

3 MIN READ • BY Health and Wellbeing
Woman on scales

What’s Better For Weight Loss? Eating Better Or Training Harder?

Eat smarter or train harder? When it comes to weight loss, which one matters more? Your Fitness writer Alison Davies finds out if great abs really are made in the kitchen...

2 MIN READ • BY Health and Wellbeing

2 Simple 5-Minute Exercises For Your Upper Body

The push-up and pull-up are two of the best upper body exercises however these can be difficult to master. Static holds are one of the best approaches when developing the strength to be able to perform the full versions of these exercises. Alternate between the two exercises below, performing each 10 times in total to see an improvement in just a few weeks.

1 MIN READ • BY Health and Wellbeing

10 Healthy-Eating Ideas for a Beautiful Body

Each month Bodyfit’s sporty goddess inspires us to raise our game. This issue she shares 10 easy ways to stay fit and healthy

2 MIN READ • BY Health and Wellbeing

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