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Rachael Perrett

Rachael Perrett

Rachael Perrett

Rachael Perrett

Rachael's Stories

Gone Back To Routine? Here’s How To Help Your Dog Adapt

Many of us added a new furry member into the family during lockdown. But two years on, how are they adjusting to the post-pandemic world? Rachael Perrett finds out…

5 MIN READ • BY Rachael Perrett

“What Drives Me Is To Be The Best Version of Myself in Anything I Do”

Olympic silver medallist and Geberit ambassador Victoria Thornley tells us why preparation is key to success and how a holistic approach to self-care fuels her wellbeing...

5 MIN READ • BY Rachael Perrett

How To Test Your Vitamin D Levels From Home

In the UK, we don’t get enough sunlight for around six months of the year…

2 MIN READ • BY Rachael Perrett
woman in loungewear making a healthy green smoothie in a modern kitchen

How to go vegan: Dos and Don’ts

If you want to go vegan but don't know where to start, Pulsin is here to help with their top dos and don'ts

3 MIN READ • BY Rachael Perrett

The importance of reading with children

Little Hands Learning explains the importance of reading with children, from improving their mental health, to developing empathy

2 MIN READ • BY Rachael Perrett
Woman sitting comfortable drinking tea and looking through window

How to prevent flu this winter

With our immunity falling as a result of lockdown and seasonal viruses on the rise, now is the perfect time to take measures to prevent flu

3 MIN READ • BY Rachael Perrett

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