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The importance of reading with children

2 MIN READ • 8th November 2021

Little Hands Learning explains the importance of reading with children, from improving their mental health, to developing empathy

Books are a wonderful way for us all to escape from a stressful day, and reading with children can have many of the same benefits. For many little ones, there is nothing more soothing than curling up with a loved one to read a good book after a full-on day at nursery or school.

The benefits of reading with children

dad reading with young son on his lap

We are continually told how reading with children can make a huge difference to their educational performance. But books also offer a great way to support our children’s mental health. Stories can transport us to magical places away from the stresses of daily life and often teach our children about emotional intelligence.

Through a book, children explore and learn about their own emotions by observing how the characters experience them. It also enables them to see the world through other people’s eyes. This plays a huge role in your child developing empathy for others. In turn, this helps them to learn about their own emotions.

Stories can also help children process difficult situations they are experiencing themselves. Reading about characters that are going through similar situations can help them understand that they aren’t alone with those feelings. What’s more, it can provide them with guidance based on how others have worked through challenges.

selection of storybooks and activities for children

Little Hands Learning understands the importance of reading with children. In fact, the company curates books every month to help nurture healthy minds and encourage early literacy skills. Together with the complementary reading activities, these help to give children the best start to their education.

Little Hands Learning is an educational and eco-friendly subscription box for children aged three to six. Every month, your child will receive an exciting gift in the post containing a beautiful picture book. Inside, you’ll also find everything needed for four engaging and fun activities. Parent and carers will enjoy spending precious time with their little one, confident that through these boxes, their children are playing, learning and growing.

Visit to subscribe and learn more. Use code WELLBEING2 to get £2 off when you subscribe.

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