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Night sweats? Here’s how to keep your cool during menopause

2 MIN READ • 13th October 2022

If you're struggling with night sweats, help is on hand. Luxury bedding and bath company Soak & Sleep tell us four ways to stay cool at bedtime

Have you noticed a change in your sleep since starting menopause? Well, you are not alone. According to the Sleep Foundation, over 60 percent of women report sleep disturbances during menopause. 

Although it’s good to know you’re not suffering alone, regular sleep interruption plays havoc with health and wellbeing at a time when you’re already busy juggling the demands of your busy life.

With problems ranging from restless legs to anxiety, two of the most commonly experienced sleep problems during menopause are night sweats and hot flushes. But, there are a few things you can do to help you cool down and sleep more comfortably.

Four ways to cool down in the night:

  1. Regulate the room temperature
    We sleep most comfortably at around 17˚C so it’s a good idea to keep a thermostat in your bedroom and try to keep the room at a comfortable temperature. Letting some fresh air into the room will also make it easier to sleep. 
  2. Wear the right PJs
    Choosing nightwear that’s made with light, breathable fabrics will help you keep your cool more easily. Avoid nightwear made with synthetic fabrics, woven cotton or linen nightwear is ideal. Silk is especially good at helping you stay cool at night.
  1. Cool down with a shower
    Taking a cool shower before bed will help reduce your body temperature before hitting the hay. 

  2. Upgrade your bedding
    The best sheets for menopausal night sweats are those which are made with breathable fabrics. This means choosing natural fibres such as cotton, viscose, linen or silk.
Silk bedding from Soak & Sleep

What kind of bedding can help with night sweats?

For many women, hot flushes are an unavoidable fact of the perimenopause and menopause. Changing your bedding won’t prevent this, but choosing the right bedding will help you cope with menopausal night sweats and help reduce the discomfort and disruption they cause.

The best sheets for menopausal night sweats are those which are made with breathable fabrics. This means choosing natural fibres such as cotton, viscose, linen or silk.

These fibres allow moisture to evaporate through the fabric, helping you stay cooler while you sleep and wake up feeling fresher. What’s more, duvets and pillows with natural fillings such as wool or silk which help to regulate your body temperature while you sleep.

With years of experience in developing high quality bedding, plus real-life examples of how choosing the right bedding can help minimise night sweats, Soak & Sleep has plenty of advice on what to think about when choosing the bedding best suited for you. 

To find out more about Soak & Sleep’s luxury bedding range, or to shop now, visit the website.

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