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Delicious recipes and easy tricks for a balanced lifestyle

Fit And Fruity

Coconut water contains around 15 times more potassium than traditional energy drinks (470 milligrams per eight ounces), keeping your energy levels topped up without the excess sugar. This is then substantiated by a handful of natural, superior-quality protein sources. The Greek yoghurt is low in carbs and packs a steady supply of microbes to boost digestive health, while the raw cashews have immune-boosting vitamin E in abundance.

1 MIN READ • BY Vicky Warrell

Coco Cool Down

This rich concoction is packed full of hearty proteins and healthy fats to build muscle and will also make you feel fuller for longer. The spinach provides a healthy dose of antioxidants, while the avocado contains 25 percent of your recommended vitamin K intake to strengthen bones and retain calcium.

1 MIN READ • BY Vicky Warrell

Millet Buddha Bowl With Beetroot Houmous

This bowl is piled with nutrient-dense raw veg and rounded like a Buddha’s belly!

1 MIN READ • BY Vicky Warrell

Sichuan Chicken Salad With Egg Noodles

This Asian-inspired salad will be a hit with the kids and won’t leave you with the usual heavy feeling you get after eating wheat-based noodles.

2 MIN READ • BY Georgia May-Collings

Raw Beet Salad

Who said salads don't fill you up? This one is nutritionally balanced with good sources of fat and protein, leaving you feeling satisfied...

1 MIN READ • BY Georgia May-Collings

Scrambled Eggs With Smoked Trout And Herbs

These eggs are super easy and will take no more than 10 minutes to get from the fridge to your plate.

1 MIN READ • BY Georgia May-Collings


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