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5 minutes with Sarah Parish

2 MIN READ • 15th August 2016

The 48-year- old actress talks to us about her favourite health food, her motivation and the best thing in life

On health food

I adore avocados, I love them in salads, on toast and even in my smoothies. They’re great for my hair, skin and nails.

On rest day treats

I have a roast dinner with loads of vegetables and all of the trimmings – even the Yorkshire puddings. I do try to make sure that this meal also has lots of colourful vegetables in it and I don’t have too big a portion of the roast.

On her ultimate guilty pleasure

It has to be ice cream, and if I’m feeling really decadent I have some double cream on top. Naughty I know but you did say treat!

On her biggest bugbear

Rain, rain and more rain – especially when I’m filming as I am now. I love blue sky.

On the best thing in life

That’s easy – family every time!

On her most inspiring book

This is always a hard one as they regularly change but let’s say Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now as it helps you to live in and appreciate being in the moment. That’s for the mind, but for the body I love The Anti Ageing Food and Fitness Plan by nutritionist Rick Hay, as it’s really helped me get back in shape the smart way.

On her favourite place to work out

I love being outside, especially in the countryside. Nothing beats working out in nature.

On her motivation

Doing or being involved in great work. Exercise also really motivates me – it helps so much mentally. I actually love the feeling that you get once you’ve worked out, that real sense of accomplishment.

On her dream workout partner

It would have to be someone funny like Goldie Hawn, I think she’d be lots of fun to work out with.

On her most embarrassing workout moment

I fell off of a treadmill onto my face, which wasn’t a good look. Luckily I only suffered a bruised ego.

On her greatest achievement

The easiest of all of the questions – my daughter.

On coping with pressure

I exercise, because it takes the pressure off. It helps me to sleep well too and it puts me in a better mood.

The Anti Ageing Food and Fitness Plan by Sarah’s nutritionist Rick Hay ( is available from Amazon and Ideal World TV, £11.99

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