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5 Moves To Relieve Stress

3 MIN READ • 1st April 2017

Personal trainer Kristoph Thompson shares five moves to help destress your body and mind

These high-energy moves will stimulate the release of feel-good hormones, helping to reduce stress. Try to perform each rep with as much intensity as possible – the greater the effort, the greater the stress-busting effects! Do 10 reps of each exercise (apart from skipping) before moving straight on to the next. Rest for one minute when you’ve completed all five exercises then repeat the circuit. Perform three to five circuits in total. Don’t just make these moves, make waves!

    • 5 Moves To Relieve Stress Begin standing then squat down, placing your hands flat on the floor just outside your feet. Jump your feet back to come into a plank position then jump your feet back towards your hand. Straighten your legs to return to standing then repeat. To increase the challenge, add in a jump as you return to standing.

    • 5 Moves To Relieve Stress Begin standing with your feet hip-width apart, your knees slightly bent, holding the ends of a skipping rope with your hands turned out slightly. The rope should be resting on the floor behind your heels at this point. Jump up while making a circle with your wrists to bring the rope up and over your head. Land softly on the balls of your feet, then immediately jump again, continuing to make small circles with your wrists. Skip for 30 seconds, aiming to perform as many rotations as possible in that time.

    • 5 Moves To Relieve Stress Begin standing with your feet hip-width apart, your left foot just further forward than your right. Raise your hands to either side of your chin. Lean back slightly then raise your left knee in towards your chest. Kick straight out as if you were slamming a door shut with the sole of your foot. Quickly bring your leg down and place it back on the floor so your right foot is now slightly further in front. Repeat the movement with your right leg. This counts as one rep.

    • 5 Moves To Relieve Stress Begin standing with the ball of your right foot on a low step or bench. Push through the ball of your right foot, jumping up. While you’re in the air, alternate leg position, bringing your left foot forwards and right foot back to land softly with the ball of your left foot on the step. Quickly repeat to complete one rep. Continue, alternating the leading leg with each jump.

  • 5 Moves To Relieve Stress Begin standing with your feet hip-width apart and your right leg slightly further forwards than your left. Make fists with your hands and place them either side of your chin. Raise your left knee and pull it in towards your chest. Kick your left leg straight out to the side, pushing through the heel, while also punching straight ahead with your left hand. Quickly bring your left hand back and your left foot down to the floor, placing it so that it is slightly further forward than your right foot. Repeat with your right arm and leg to complete one rep.

Help the power of these moves with a balanced diet!

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