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Ackelina Cvijetic

Ackelina Cvijetic

Ackelina Cvijetic

Ackelina Cvijetic

Ackelina's Stories

How To Support An Active Lifestyle

If you’re not getting all of the nutrition you need from your daily diet, supplementation can help

2 MIN READ • BY Ackelina Cvijetic

Uber Partners With Calm To Offer In-car Mindfulness Exercises

This year, 43 percent of people made a New Year’s Resolution around mental health and wellbeing – meaning it’s higher on the UK’s to-do list than physical health and giving up smoking – so the few minutes you’re in an Uber is the perfect time to fit a breathing exercise or meditation into a busy schedule. You can now do breathing exercises and practise mindfulness during your Uber trip anywhere in the UK. More Brits are becoming concerned about the necessity of mindfulness, with the most stressed Brits based in Edinburgh and Leeds. From Thursday 24th January, millions of Uber users across the UK will have access to a series of new, bespoke guided meditations and breathing exercises offering them a few minutes of calm.

2 MIN READ • BY Ackelina Cvijetic
People on an Action UK sponsored bike ride

Join In And Take Action In 2019

Get on your bike this year for a fantastic cause, and you get to go to France!

2 MIN READ • BY Ackelina Cvijetic

Beat the Bullies

How to deal with your child or teenager feeling vulnerable at school or online

3 MIN READ • BY Ackelina Cvijetic

Vegan-Conscious Christmas Ideas

More and more people are ditching meat and dairy. You may be vegan yourself or…

2 MIN READ • BY Ackelina Cvijetic
lower cholesterol

7 Ways To Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

Why not make the change for your cholesterol?

3 MIN READ • BY Ackelina Cvijetic

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