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21 Thoughts Every Single Girl Has In The Gym

1 MIN READ • 13th December 2016

C'mon, we've all been there

1 “I’m a strong, independent woman and I don’t need a man”

2 “Oh, but that PT is kinda hot”

3 “… and I’m pretty sure he’s looking over”

4 “Better make sure my sports bra is doing its job”

5 “Oh no, he caught me adjusting… how can I style this out?”

6 “A nonchalant hair flick, that’ll do it”

7 “Aah, damn you sweaty head – now I have half my pony-tail stuck to my forehead and a few strands wrapped around my neck”

8 *Awkwardly looks away and fiddles with headphones*

9 *Spots a cool, together single gym girl* “Why can’t I be more like her”

10 “I love those trainers, and her pretty leggings – she looks so good”

10 “Bet she comes to the gym all the time”

11 *Cool, together single gym girl goes onto the machine next to me* “Be cool!”

12 *Glancing at her screen* “She’s on level 12!”

13 “Can I realistically push myself to 10? I’m only on level 8”

14 “If she can do it, so can I”

15 *Changes level to 12* “This is great, I don’t know why I don’t push myself more often”

16 *Cool, together single gym girl glances at my screen then changes level to 14*

17 “Oh it’s on” *changes level to 15*

18 “Ok, I can’t feel my legs”

19 “Just take a sip of water… and another sip.. and maybe another couple of glugs”

20 “Oh no, stitch!”

21 *Cool, together single gym girl leaves machine* “Yeah, that’s what I thought” *Jumps off machine and hobbles to the changing rooms* “I wonder what that hot PT’s doing?”

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