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Workouts For Your 30s, 40s and 50s

2 MIN READ • 25th October 2016

Stay healthy at any age with these top tips

Exercise plays a huge part in how we look and feel. As we get older, it’s vital to tailor our workouts to make sure we get maximum results. We asked Maria Samoshenkova, personal trainer at Lomax, for her expertise to see you through the next decade and beyond.

  • In your 30s

    The problem: Women in their 30s will lose up to a kilo of lean tissue and gain up to a kilo of fat.

    The solution: Your 30s is the right time to start working with a personal trainer and get your squat technique on point to build and retain lean muscle.

    Suggestion: Do two sessions of strength training with a PT and two cardio workouts such as spinning class a week. It’s not just about aesthetics, it’s about your general health.

  • In your 40s

    The problem: Attempting to balance your family and work life can lead to lack of energy and, in some cases, minor depression.

    The solution: Try to do a one-hour weight session three times a week for optimum result. You should still complete one or two cardio sessions to get those mood-boosting endorphins pumping, but strength training is your real friend.

    Suggestion: Aim for 12-15 reps focusing on a multiple joint movements such as squats and Romanian deadlifts. Don’t forget to do some bodyweight functional exercise like push ups. Sign up for few group classes to keep you motivated.

  • In your 50s

    The problem: Your 50s is the time when oestrogen levels begin to drop and you hit the menopause. This can cause a decrease in calcium levels, which may affect your bone health.

    The solution: Strength training improves the bone density, so now is the time to focus on weight sessions.

    Suggestion: Switch your morning running and spinning classes for full-body weighted exercises to keep you active and prevent illness.

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