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Salmon rice bowl

Try this salmon rice bowl recipe

2 MIN READ • 12th July 2023

Nutritionist Vidushi Binani, the co-founder of Cafe Volonté, shares a delicious salmon rice bowl recipe – perfect for a summer lunch or dinner

Bored of the same old meals day in, day out? We hear you! So, why not try experimenting with a salmon rice bowl? They’re a great way to explore new flavours and ingredients and revamp your traditional lunch or dinner.

This one, from nutritionist Vidushi Binani, the co-founder of Cafe Volonté in London, is flavoured with miso and soy and topped with sesame seeds. 

“Salmon is great source of omega 3 fatty acids and a source of protein as well,” Vidushi explains, talking about the health benefits of the dish. “Since the marinade contains miso, which is a fermented soy paste, it also has some gut-friendly probiotics. Plus, the seaweed and sesame seasoning is also a source of plant protein and certain vitamins.” 

Keen to try the salmon rice bowl yourself?  

Vidushi’s recipe is below… 

Ingredients (serves 4) 

400g mixed wild rice 

2 avocado, kept in halves and sliced 

200g Cucumber, thinly sliced 

20g Pickled Ginger  

Wasabi mayo 

Sesame seeds (if you choose not to make the sesame garnish) 

For the miso salmon 

4 salmon fillets 

30g brown rice miso paste 

5g soy sauce 

Dash of agave syrup  

For the sesame furikake garnish (optional)  

½ cup white sesame seeds  

2-3 nori sheets 

½ teaspoon salt 

How to make the salmon rice bowl

  1. Start by preparing the salmon. Skin and portion the fillets and lay in a bowl with mixed miso paste and soy sauce. Let them marinade for 30 minutes in the fridge.  
  2. After 30 minutes, brush off all the excess marinade and then cook the salmon on a pan, for about four to six minutes.  
  3. Meanwhile, if you are making the sesame garnish, start to prepare this. Blitz the nori sheets and toast the sesame seeds in the oven. Then mix all the ingredients together.  
  4. Now assemble the bowls. Mix a teaspoon of rice vinegar into the wild rice. Start placing the mixed wild rice at the bottom of each of the bowls.  
  5. Top each bowl of rice with three sectors: the sliced avocado, the salmon fillet, and the sliced cucumber topped by large dots of wasabi mayo.  
  6. Complete the bowl with the pickled ginger. Garnish with the sesame furikake mix or sesame seeds.  
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Claire Munnings
Senior content editor

Wellness journalist Claire has more than 14 years of experience in the women’s consumer magazine industry and is passionate about sharing easy-to-implement health advice that can really make a difference. Claire enjoys exploring what it means to have... Discover more

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