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The Wellness Secrets 8 Successful Women Swear By

5 MIN READ • 15th November 2017

If you're struggling to fit some 'me'time into your week, get some inspiration from these wellness warriors

We’ve read the books and bought the journals but finding a 15-minute window is as likely as Daniel Craig knocking at our door. In the interest of finding balance in our busy lives we asked eight high-flying women to share their top tips to put yourself first. Whether it’s getting some much-needed shut eye or swapping your trusty builders tea for a herbal, these small daily changes can make all the difference to your health and wellbeing.

  • The Wellness Secrets 8 Successful Women Swear ByAriana Huffington

    Author and former co-founder of The Huffington Post

    “Ninety-five percent of the time I get eight hours of sleep a night, and as a result, ninety-five percent of the time I don’t need an alarm to wake up. And waking up naturally is, for me, a great way to begin the day. I don’t start the day by looking at my smartphone. Instead, once I’m awake, I take a minute to breathe deeply, be grateful, and set my intention for the day. I then do 20 to 30 minutes on my stationary bike and 10 minutes of yoga stretches.”

  • The Wellness Secrets 8 Successful Women Swear ByGwyneth Paltrow

    Actress, author and founder of

    “While I’ve long-aimed to be healthy, there have been periods of time when I have decidedly not been. I’m a fan of French fries and martinis, for starters – the day I swear off red wine and gluten for life isn’t coming (ever). But I’ve settled into a way of mostly clean living that lets me indulge and stay balanced while feeling really good. I try to do a 9am dance aerobics workout for 45 minutes after dropping the kids off at school. Getting a great sweat is key for detoxification and if you can get to an infrared sauna, you’ll be helping your system get the toxins out faster.”

  • Cameron Diaz

    Actress and author

    “I love to grill food, usually steaks, or lamb chops, or fish. Then I throw a few seasonal veggies on top or a couple of salads – either hearty with cabbages or fresh and bright with citrus fruits and a big bowl of simple pasta. I love having quinoa pasta with olive oil and garlic or veggies.”

  • Elle Macpherson

    Model and entrepreneur

    “I wake at around 5.30am and set my intentions for the day. I try to be kind to myself and check in, to understand how I am feeling in my body and my mind. I take about 30 minutes every morning to meditate. It helps keep me stay balanced and feel strong and confident. I always sip on hot water and lemon before I eat breakfast to kick start my metabolism and take two teaspoons of The Super Elixir Alkalizing Formula every day in 500ml of filtered water without fail. The difference it has made is extraordinary. My skin is never dry anymore, it looks plumper, and has something which has been called ‘the alkaline glow.’ The skin is a great barometer and can show how you’re feeling inside.”

  • Kate Percival

    Entrepreneur and founder of Grace Belgravia

    “Each morning I collect my thoughts and prepare mentally and physically for the day ahead. I believe in eating healthily 90 percent of the time. I’ll collect breakfast from Grace and make sure it has fresh vegetables, fruit and protein as it makes me feel energised all day. My office is a stone’s throw from Hyde Park and I try to make time to speed walk around it, taking in fresh air and exercise. Wearing a quality sunscreen every day is vital and I’ve recently started using JK7 skincare which is organic. I truly believe in the importance of a good night’s sleep and try to fit in seven hours but the reality for me and many women is that I wake up pretty much every night around 3.30am. Instead of stressing about it, I read and gently doze off again. When that doesn’t work, I take a low dose of melatonin and magnesium which again sends my body back into sleep mode.”

  • The Wellness Secrets 8 Successful Women Swear ByCaroline Lucey

    Founder of

    “I always try and start my day with a cup of warm water with lemon before I have anything else. It’s hard getting used to not having a tea but I definitely feel better for it. I have just discovered the Happy Tummy Company and its unique bread – I have a slice for breakfast everyday and it keeps me full until lunchtime and is great for your digestive system. I have to take the train to and from work and I try not to look at social media or emails for the 20 minute journey. Instead I just have quiet time or meditate. It’s an attempt at calmness for a short spell each day. I love to walk so each weekend I’ll plan some kind of stroll along the river, in the woods or park. I spray my pillow with lavender each night, I find it relaxes me and helps me have a deeper and better sleep.”

  • The Wellness Secrets 8 Successful Women Swear ByChristiane Duigan

    Director of Bodyfood and Bodyism Global

    “Getting nine hours of sleep every night (children allowing!) is very important to me. I start my day with some active meditations when I walk to work. That means clearing my mind and enjoying what I can see, smell, hear and feel. I like to walk my short commute and I try to move my body differently every day – whether that’s by taking an exercise class like ballet, yoga or Pilates, incorporating movement into my routine or running after the children. I eat healthily and clean during the day but I must have chocolate daily as this makes me happy and keeps my mind balanced. I can’t fall asleep without a cup of tea – for me this represents my time to relax and unwind before bed.”

  • The Wellness Secrets 8 Successful Women Swear ByTess Ward

    Chef and author

    “I love coffee much more than it loves me, so I drink green tea and Earl Grey as an alternative wherever possible as it stops me raiding the cookie jar (yes, I have a cookie jar!). I love exercise – it gives me motivation and really helps create energy. I alternate between HIIT, yoga (Leila Sadaghee’s classes in London are my favourite) and spinning. For me food is life – after testing a lot of sweet dishes I get a craving for that, which is fine in moderation but I then gravitate towards bitter foods to bring my tastebuds back to balance. It’s easy to let work run away with us but nurturing good relationships is key. I try to take time to be around close friends and away from a work environment as much as possible.”

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