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Easy Ways To Workout At Home

3 MIN READ • 6th June 2017

Here’s how to fit exercise into the busiest of schedules – without even noticing

It’s time to leave the sofa behind, as a new study from the British Heart Foundation ( has revealed that Britons spend two and a half months a year on their bums and only walk half a mile a day. Not only that, but the researchers also found that 46 percent of women are inactive. With these shocking figures in mind, we asked a team of experts for their tips on how to easily slot working out into your life without stepping foot in the gym.

Step on it

The gym can be expensive, so try using what you have at home. “Turn your stairs into a cardio machine,” advises James Capon, health and fitness manager at Fitness First ( “Grab a pair of dumbbells or household objects (such as cans) and briskly walk up and down the stairs while simultaneously doing bicep curls to work your whole body. Take the stairs as normal for the first set. The next time, take two steps at a time going up and single steps on the way down. Then repeat, instead take three steps to the top. Repeat for four sets. You should feel a great burn afterwards.”

Change it up

Finding the time to exercise can be hard, but you could turn your commute into a workout. “Rather than jumping in the car to your local shop or meeting, why not leave that bit earlier and take a stroll? It can be a great way to relax and clear your mind too,” says podiatrist at Carnation Footcare (carnationfootcare. Dave Wain. If it’s too far to walk, try parking further from the office, or get off the train or bus a stop earlier. “There’s no need to exercise in one long chunk,” explains nutritionist and weight loss expert Lily Soutter ( “A 10-minute walk to and from work will add up to a good 20 minutes of exercise a day. You can track your steps by adding a pedometer app to your phone or using a smart watch, which can be an additional motivator.” Why not swap your four wheels for two? “Cycling around cities is usually the quickest mode of transport,” says Lily. “You can save time on your journey while fitting in a low impact workout.”

Do the leg work

Who says you can’t exercise during office hours? “Basic functional movement patterns are performed in every second of day to day life, be it pushing, pulling, rotating, walking or running,” says Fiona Crossley, PT at F45 Kingston ( “If you regularly take phone calls or work at a standing desk, you could use this time to move around – for example completing squats will build strength, stability, mobility and flexibility. They’ll work the lower body and increase flexibility in your ankles and feet. Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, pointing slightly out, bend at your hips and knees, keeping your back straight. Keep your weight over your heels and lower yourself down until your hamstrings touch your calves, ‘sit in’ the squat for a second, then push yourself back up. Easier variations include doing half squats (not coming down as far as a full squat) or holding onto your desk when squatting to help with balance.”


  • Easy Ways To Workout At Home
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