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Catherine Tyldesley on Morning Routines and Family Fitness

2 MIN READ • 23rd April 2022

The soap star and second-time mum-to-be chats how she finds time for herself and morning non-negotiables

What’s your daily routine?

“I’m a typical Virgo and I love having a routine, but my pregnancy has really thrown me this time so I’m suffering with insomnia a lot more and my schedule is all over the place. I’m really passionate about looking after my gut health and the more research I do, the more I realise that it’s so crucial to how you feel physically and mentally. That’s why taking my shot of Symprove is non-negotiable every morning, as it helps to feed all the good bacteria in my gut.”

Tell us how exercise factors into your daily routine?

“Alfie [Catherine’s first son] is six, so I’m still running around after him which keeps me active, but I’m really having to listen to my body at the moment as my energy is fluctuating. I want to stay as active as possible, so I’m still doing some weight training and trying to get my 10,000 steps in a day. Walking is something me and my family love and when the weather is good, you’ll normally find us outside – that’s when we’re at our happiest.”

What does healthy look like to you?

“I think health is about balance and feeling good from the inside-out. When you’re eating the right things and keeping your sugar intake and unprocessed foods to a minimum, you feel a million dollars. Don’t get me wrong, life’s too short not to eat cake or treat yourself once in a while, but I tend to notice that my body reacts pretty badly to junk food. It’s like that old saying: you wouldn’t put diesel in a petrol car.”

What types of meals do you love to cook at home?

“I’m all about taking those family favourites or typical comfort food and putting a healthy spin on them.

I’m a foodie; I’m always thinking about my next meal!”

How do you set time aside for yourself?

“My favourite form of me-time is when I go to the gym or head out for a stroll on my own, while learning lines. Sometimes I’ll walk and do some meditation when I’m out in nature – there’s nothing better than being in the fresh air and listening to some nice music. My ultimate treat is a massage; that’s how I really switch off.”

Is there anything that motherhood has taught you?

“It’s helped me to be more patient and I think that we can also learn so much from our kids. They’re so creative and look at the world in such a different way, so I think we’d all benefit from seeing their point of view more. I’ve learned to be more giving with my time as well. Even if I’m really busy and need to learn my lines, I always make a conscious effort to put everything down and just be with Alfie.”

Do you have any advice to your younger self?

“I made some bad choices when it came to fitness and nutrition when I was younger, so I’d tell myself to eat better and move more. I’m a big advocate for teaching this kind of thing in schools too; I think that would save the NHS millions.

Mindfulness practices and stressmanagement would also be really beneficial, so I’ll keep championing those causes for my son and future child.”

Catherine Tyldesley is an advocate for Symprove, a water-based probiotic which delivers four unique strains of bacteria that reach the gut alive. To kick-start your journey, visit (£149.99 for 12-week supply, £79.00 for a 4-week supply or £39.99 on a monthly subscription).

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