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Camilla Dallerup: In Awe Of Nature

3 MIN READ • 4th September 2019

Mindfulness guru, Camilla tells us why having a sense of awe can change our whole outlook

I don’t know if it’s because I have just returned to LA after spending three months in New Zealand and simply being in a state of awe most days there (the views wherever you turn are breathtaking) that I have become more aware of the emotional effect the feeling of awe has on us. You have heard me talk about gratitude and the effects that has on the brain and our moods, but I haven’t spoken about awe, until now. I’ll often find myself gazing at nature, both here in LA and in NZ and, when I went to the top of the Malvern Hills, my mindfulness practice reminded me to observe the natural beauty and be present. I knew that it felt good to do so, but it wasn’t until recently I truly realised there is actual science behind the emotion of awe.

When I share with you how awe positively effects us, you might seriously want to consider spending more time in this state. It’s similar to having a gratitude practice, as it can apparently even boost our happiness. Research shows that when we feel awe we feel small and this is good for us, because it keeps us humble and makes us realise we are part of something bigger, which helps us feel more connected, rather than separate from each other. The effects of awe helps us get on and value each other better and it help us tap into empathy. So remember, next time you gaze at the moon, you are doing far more than admiring the moonlight; the ripple effect from that awe will effect not just you, but the people around you.

Try this now

I really wanted to share this with you as it’s something I see a lot in my practice; the idea that someone or something is somehow going to complete us, make us whole or loved. One of the biggest lessons I ever learnt was that we are capable of meeting our own needs, to know that we are all whole and complete and lovable just the way we are, right now, really helps you feel good about yourself. I encourage you to do one act of self-love, daily. Two of my weekly acts of self-love are to buy myself flowers and have a nice, long hot bath complete with crystals and aromatherapy oils.

We so easily put ourselves down. It takes a little more effort to be our own cheerleader, but practicing little acts of selflove daily, helps retrain our mindset to one filled with love.

When I’m feeling tired or jet-lagged…

1. I like to go for a beautiful hike in LA and just enjoy the views. I walk with my friends instead of meeting for coffees these days, we walk and talk with, or without our dogs; connecting to nature is such a quick way to feel grounded and de-stress, which is why I was thrilled to get involved and support H&W’s #walktowellbeing campaign – head over to Instagram to join in.

2. I also took a red light therapy session to boost my immune system and balance my mind, which also meant just 20 minutes for complete relaxation, which was divine.

3. And, I make an effort to make my bath time feel special, by adding aromatherapy oils, crystals and candles.

What to read this month

Face Yoga by Danielle Collins

I remember a few years ago my mum told me she has started doing yoga exercises for her face. I had seen a few different people explain it online, but it didn’t really sound like something I wanted to try. But then I came across this new book from Danielle, which instantly grabbed me. I mean, we exercise our mind when we meditate, so why wouldn’t we practice yoga for the face and save some money on our monthly facials? Anyway, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in to find out more. The book is thorough and informative from start to finish and I felt like a few of my questions about skincare, and the connection between diet and skin were answered. Plus, the author really goes though the entire wellness of the face with the exercises and the effects of what we put on our skin and in our bodies. I immediately thought, it’s time to cut the caffeine right down as I was reading it, because apparently caffeine can increase the cortisol which damages the collagen in the skin, as well as dehydrating the skin. Each exercise for the face is clearly described with both text and photos, so it’s easy to follow. It felt very meditative and relaxing, and it feels similar to having a super-nourishing facial.

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