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Feel your best this winter

3 MIN READ • 4th August 2017

Stock up your cupboard with these health-boosting buys and make your wellbeing a priority

When the weather turns cold our immune system often takes a battering, but there are lots of things you can do to ensure you stay fit and healthy in the winter months. Here we’ve rounded up some of the best products to help you feel your best this November…Feel your best this winter
Up your vitamin C Vitamin C has many roles in the body – from the formation of collagen (which is important for the growth and repair of body tissue cells), to helping decrease blood cholesterol levels, and aiding the prevention of many types of viral and bacterial infections.

The body is, however, unable to store vitamin C so daily doses in your diet are essential. Supplements are the good way of increasing your daily intake especially because the vitamin C in foods can be destroyed by water, cooking, heat, light and oxygen.
Get your hit with Allsports C Pure capsules, which contain 500mg of vitamin C, no flavourings, colourings or sweeteners.
From £2.97,

Feel your best this winter

Don’t miss out on the sunshine vitamin Our bodies may struggle to produce vitamin D when there’s very little sunlight, but don’t let the grey weather impact your wellbeing. Try Nature’s Answer Vitamin D3 Drops in extra virgin olive oil, which offer 4000iu per serving.

The product is alcohol and gluten -ree, and contains no preservatives or sweeteners. One bottle supplies a massive 240 servings, meaning it will last you eight months if used daily. This liquid supplement is easy to take – simply mix it with food or liquids!

Feel your best this winter

Strengthen your immunity Ward off those pesky bugs with Defence Maintenance, which provides generous levels of antioxidant vitamins A, C and E along with zinc and selenium to help maintain a healthy immune system. It also contains essential nutrients and includes whole food sources of micro nutrients to help keep your immune system in tip top condition.

What’s more, it comes with 120 capsules, meaning one bottle will see you all the way through those cold, dark winter months!

Feel your best this winter

Get your vitamin boost When your immune system is challenged during the winter months, you may be more susceptible to colds. Although vitamin C cannot actually prevent a cold, it does contribute to the normal function of the immune system. When life gets busy, getting enough of the right foods each day can sometimes seem like a big ask, and if you do struggle to get your recommended 40mg of vitamin C each day, VOOST Vitamin C can help. It is part of a range of seven effervescent tablets that offer a simple way to support vitamin and mineral intake. Simply add to 200ml of water and enjoy!

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