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5 Minutes With Daniel Herman

2 MIN READ • 1st March 2017

This year marks the 20th anniversary of sports nutrition brand Bio-Synergy and to celebrate we caught up with founder Daniel Herman to find out more about where it all began

Congratulations on your 20th anniversary! Can you tell us a little bit about why you started the company?
Back in the late 1990s all sports nutrition brands were focused on body building and there was a lot of negativity around this. I wanted to develop a range that would be suitable for fitness enthusiasts and elite athletes alike and felt there was a strong need for high quality products that were backed by reputable scientific research. Basically, I was frustrated that the products available were making crazy claims that could not be backed up. So I wanted to develop products that I would enjoy and benefit from.

How has the company grown over the years?
Over the last 20 years I have moved from working in my parents’ loft and selling two products to now having a great team working from our gym-office and more than 150 products!

What’s been your proudest moment?
That is a tough one, but my proudest moments are probably when we receive a call or email from a customer telling us that our products have helped them improve their wellbeing or achieve a sporting goal.

What’s your own fitness regime like, how do you find the time to work out while running a company?
I am very fortunate to have my dog Leo at the office so I am forced to have a long walk during the day. I also do tai chi every day and, depending on how busy we are, go to the gym four times a week. I also occasionally take part in obstacle races!

What’s your favourite Bio-Synergy product and why?
The products that I could not live without are Whey Better as I struggle to get enough protein in my diet and I love protein shakes, and Creatine Plus as I am always trying to improve my strength and drop a bit of body fat. BCAA powder also provides me with the energy I need during a tough training session and I tend to have a bottle of Skinny Water on my desk every day because I find plain water a bit boring and have a sweet tooth.

Do you have any tips for people looking to start taking supplements as a way to boost their fitness levels?
The key advice would be to take the right supplement for your goals and training and to have realistic expectations.

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Claire Munnings
Senior content editor

Wellness journalist Claire has more than 14 years of experience in the women’s consumer magazine industry and is passionate about sharing easy-to-implement health advice that can really make a difference. Claire enjoys exploring what it means to have... Discover more

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