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Zoe Hardman: “I found myself enjoying swimming”

3 MIN READ • 7th August 2016

Each issue our celebrity stylista puts the latest fit kit to the test

I’m not going to lie to you, I don’t love swimming. I mean, out in the Indian Ocean in warm waters, I’m partial to a bit of paddling. However, spending hours swimming in a straight line, going from one end of the pool to another, while trying to avoid being kicked in the face by the guy in front of me, isn’t my idea of a good time. This all changed recently though, as the minute I told people I was pregnant swimming became the first word on everyone’s lips, and so anything to help me break the fear of the silence under the water and make the time go quicker became a godsend. That’s why this month’s Sony Waterproof Walkman (£129, has replaced my best friend Caz, sorry Caz, and comes to the pool with me every day.

Super easy to use, you simply plug the MP3 player into your laptop and drag and drop songs from your library onto the device. This also charges it up at the same time, giving you eight hours of battery life, much more than I thought you’d get. It holds up to 2,000 songs and you actually get great sound quality with a big bass, surprising from such a small set of headphones. But the best thing about this little beauty is that it works with zero problems under the water, operating with total ease at depths of up to two metres. Call me old fashioned, but I think that’s pretty incredible. The headphones are small, lightweight, watertight and don’t get in the way, plus they have the added bonus of looking really slick. I found myself suddenly enjoying something that had been, up until now, more of a chore than a choice.

Every swimmer needs a pair of these; you may think that being immersed in water in total silence is the only way to clock up those lengths – well, try doing it while listening to your favourite Fleetwood Mac track, now that’s how to swim in 2016.

  • Zoe Hardman: “I found myself enjoying swimming”Philip Kingsley Swimcap Conditioner, £13,
    I used this product every day while on holiday in Ibiza. I’m not normally that fussed about protecting my hair in the sun but this little gem did such a great job after day one that I made it my holiday beauty essential, and I always applied it to my wet hair before hitting the beach. It definitely helped with breakage and dryness caused by chlorine and salt, and is worth packing in your suitcase

  • Zoe Hardman: “I found myself enjoying swimming”Speedo Aquapure IQfit Goggles, £22,
    These are the Rolls Royce of the goggle world, with tons of great features – I especially loved the anti-fog coated lenses, meaning my vision was never affected, and the 3D goggle seal which locked in and contoured around my eyes, keeping the water out. Just be sure not to secure them too tightly like I did, which was slightly painful!

  • Zoe Hardman: “I found myself enjoying swimming”Aquasphere Jacana Swimsuit, £28.99,
    You’re never going to look like Pamela Anderson getting into a pool wearing a swimsuit, but at least this costume is trying to be fashion forward with an adjustable open back and neon yellow panels. It’s slimming and comfortable and kept me streamline in the water. Plus, at £28.99 you can’t really go wrong.

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