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4 Of The Best Women’s Health Podcasts For Your Daily Commute

2 MIN READ • 28th January 2020

The best podcast is the one that you can’t wait to tell your friends or colleagues about. When it comes to women’s health, nitty-gritty convos are few and far between.  The good news? There are a few that are doing a stellar job. Here’s our guide on the best ones to tune into.

The Happy Vagina Podcast

H&W LOVES: “Not only is The Happy Vagina podcast a fantastic opening line when you’re asked what you’re currently plugged into, it’s unafraid to tackle the topics that we’ve wished people would talk more about.”

Hosted by Mika Simmons, filmmaker, actress and founder of the Lady Garden Foundation, The Happy Vagaina podcast opens the conversation around women’s experiences, gynaecological health, pleasure and intimacy. Guests include Sex Education’s Aimee Lou Wood and Tanya Reynolds, Bryony Gordon, Andrea McLean and Trudie Styler.

“A major issue with gynaecological cancers is a women’s lack of knowledge of them, their symptoms, and of their own bodies,” says Mika. “If you don’t understand your body’s cycles and rhythms, good and bad, how can you possibly know when something is out of sync? The Happy Vagina, for me, is a celebration of all things woman and will hopefully enable listeners, male and female, to do the same. It’s a small step on the road to eliminating a historical muteness about our so-called, ‘privates’.”

Listen to the podcast on Acast, Spotify and the iTunes App.

Happy Mum Happy Baby Podcast

Why you should listen: “An honest account of the ups and downs of parenting, Happy Mum Happy Baby is the podcast equivalent of an NCT group.”

In the Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast, author Giovanna Fletcher opens up an honest conversation around motherhood. In a series of warm and funny conversations with guests such as Joe Wicks, Emma Willis and Rochelle Humes, the highs and lows of being a parent are explored in detail.

Listen to the podcast on Acast, Spotify and the iTunes App.

Not Your Mothers Menopause

H&W LOVES: “Honest menopause chats are few and far between, that’s why Not Your Mothers Menopause is so unique. It doesn’t shy away from the trickier topics, such as pelvic floor help and depression, and is full of helpful advice for women of all ages.”

Tune into this weekly chat about women’s health with a host of different experts. The podcast features patient stories, health advice and Dr Lovely’s own special take on healing for women of all ages and stages.

Listen to the podcast on Acast, Spotify and the iTunes App.

Stuff Mom Never Told You

Why you should listen: “More than just a women’s health podcast, Stuff Mom Never Told You is a frank conversation about feminism and identifying as female. It’s a combo of punchy advice and laugh-out-loud discussions.”

Hosts Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin tackle questions such as ‘Why are women’s illnesses so often invisible?’ and ‘Will the pill compromise your fertility?’ As well as, ‘Do women run Twitter? and ‘And Famous Female Mascots?’

Listen to the podcast on Acast, Spotify and the iTunes App.

Meet the writer
Stacey Carter
Freelance writer

When I’m not at my desk writing a feature or researching the latest trends in women’s health, you’ll probably find me deep in a book or doing a LISS-style session in the gym in the evening. I have... Discover more

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