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What I Eat In A Day: Kim Hartwell

1 MIN READ • 15th February 2018

The blogger, personal trainer and yoga teacher talks us through her daily menu...

The face behind the fitness blog Tone What You Own aka Kim Hartwell is the perfect ambassador for leading a healthy balanced lifestyle – which is why we caught up with her to find out what’s on her daily menu.

I teach very early classes so my usual wake up is between 5.30 and 5.45am, ouch!

The first thing I drink in the morning is a glass of water and usually a smoothie I’ve pre-made the night before. I love to blend blueberries, oats, almond milk, almond butter and banana together for my breakfast.

I often have a mid-morning snack of hard boiled eggs or a veggie smoothie.

At lunch time I’ll have either have eggs or fish or chicken and veggies, sometimes with sourdough or wholemeal toast.

In the afternoon I will snack on almond butter and banana (if I’ve not had it for breakfast) or eggs or a protein shake if I’ve been training.

Dinner is usually meat or fish with veggies and some sort of complex carb like sweet potatoes or brown rice.


The latest I’ll go to bed is 10pm as I have to be up early and full of beans the next day! Plus my body needs to recover from training.

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