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Woman talking during online therapy

Want to know more about online therapy?

4 MIN READ • 4th October 2023

Therapy can be daunting, especially for first-timers. Here, the team at Calmerry explain how they guide people through their online therapy journey to help them feel relaxed and assured during their sessions

Whether you’re dealing with a mental health problem, going through a tough time, or just wanting to understand why you act and behave a certain way, therapy can help. It can give you expert support and guidance to manage your mental health and learn healthy coping skills. Online therapy has made this even more accessible and convenient, as you can connect with a qualified therapist anywhere you are. 

Calmerry can be your partner in starting your journey toward healing and long-term self-improvement. As a leading service provider, the platform has licensed and vetted mental health professionals who can expertly and compassionately guide your online therapy journey. Talking to online therapists on Calmerry can help you overcome emotional challenges, express yourself better, and make positive life changes.  

What is online therapy? 

Also referred to as teletherapy or e-therapy, online therapy refers to the practice of providing professional mental health counselling services via the Internet, usually through text messaging, live video sessions, or over the phone. Its popularity skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing people to get in touch with a mental health professional and obtain counselling services from the comfort of their own homes.  

Although online therapy is considered a more recent form of therapy, research suggests that it can be as effective as conventional face-to-face therapy. Another 2022 study also found that telemental health benefited both younger and older adults receiving care for depression. There is also the benefit of allowing patients to communicate with a mental health professional without the need to travel or commute and wait in the provider’s waiting room. 

Other benefits include:  

  • More comfortable and accessible for most people 
  • Eliminates physical barriers 
  • Patients can feel at ease, encouraging them to open up more 
  • Cost-effective option, according to studies  
  • Less anxiety and complete privacy (patients can choose the mode of communication they feel most comfortable with) 

Calmerry’s supportive therapists guide your online therapy journey 

Online therapists on Calmerry know how deciding to pursue therapy is a significant step towards improving your mental wellbeing. A lot of emotions may surface as you go through your sessions and learn more about yourself, which is why Calmerry’s therapists offer support along the way. Here’s how they guide your therapy journey: 

They identify your needs (to provide the best care possible)  

Before committing to a therapy session, the mental health professional’s goal is to understand your needs and find the therapeutic approach that works best for you. This starts with an initial consultation to allow you to become familiar with the idea of therapy and for the therapist to better understand your circumstances and decide what treatment approach will likely be most beneficial for you.  

At the start of this initial consultation, your therapist will discuss with you what happens in online therapy. The talk will then focus on your background, health history, employment, family relationships, and other basic information. They may also perform a distress measure to monitor and track your improvement.  

They help you set and accomplish meaningful goals 

One important component in achieving therapy success is setting goals that you, the patient, can work towards with your mental health care provider. While you may have your reasons for taking part in therapy, some of these goals may be unrealistic or unclear. The online therapists on Calmerry can help with goal setting for the therapeutic process to have focus and direction. 

Clearly defined and attainable goals allow you to work toward long-term positive change and personal growth. There is the benefit of enhanced clarity, helping you to focus first on what matters most and make sure you and your therapist are working toward the same goals. Calmerry therapists can assist in aligning your goals to make sure that they remain meaningful and relevant to you.  

They focus on the gradual process (not on a quick fix) 

Real results don’t happen overnight. And with therapy, it can take weeks, months, or longer before you see improvements or changes in how you think, feel, and behave. In fact, research suggests that it can take an average of 15 to 20 sessions for 50 percent of patients to experience improvements in their mental health issues. Calmerry therapists take this into account and work closely with you to meet your goals.  

The main objective is not to recover immediately, but to take on small yet meaningful steps on your healing journey over the long term. This is also the reason why online therapists on Calmerry craft individualised treatment plans based on your unique needs and goals. This involves monitoring your progress and adjusting treatments to make sure they remain relevant and aligned with your values and priorities.  

They offer a safe place 

Therapy sessions, especially the first one, can be intimidating. Being anxious is completely normal, as you share and explore things that are deeply personal and important to you. The mental health therapists at Calmerry understand this, which is why they offer a safe space where you’ll feel supported, heard, and validated. Empathy sits at the heart of Calmerry’s practice, allowing them to provide expert and patient-centric service.  

There are, of course, times when you may face unpleasant feelings or feel challenged and confused, but these are normal. With a therapist you trust, you are always safe to share your feelings, desires, and frustrations. Online therapists on Calmerry will always remind you to be open and honest, but you do not need to share all your secrets or everything about your life to find healing. You can always take control of your healing journey.  

Talk about it in online therapy with Calmerry 

If you’re thinking about starting therapy, take the first step toward your journey with Calmerry. The platform boasts a network of therapists that covers various specialties to meet your unique needs and goals. You don’t need to wait an entire week to connect with a professional; you can get support whenever or wherever you are using any electronic device. Here are some reasons to go with Calmerry: 

  • Individual matching of therapist suited to your needs 
  • Online counselling services with licensed and vetted therapists 
  • Cancel anytime and easily renew your subscription whenever you want to 
  • 24/7 human-operated support that can answer all your questions 
  • Subscription plans that suit various needs and budgets (start at $50 per week) 
  • Switch therapists for free  

Get the expert support and professional guidance you need from the safety and comfort of your own home. Connect with online therapists on Calmerry and embrace your journey towards healing.  

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