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Why Dental Aesthetic Filling Could Be The Treatment Your Smile Is Looking For

2 MIN READ • 17th May 2024

Find out why dental filling could be the best pain-free way to fix your dental issues

For many of us, a bright and happy smile is something to aim for – and the good news is that in 2024 there are plenty of ways to get your teeth gleaming. One technique that offers a smile to be proud of is dental aesthetic filling – a pain-free and efficient way to fix all sorts of dental issues, from cracks and discoloration to damage from injuries, gaps between teeth and so much more.

What is dental aesthetic filling?

Suitable for anyone who wants a beautiful and healthy smile, dental aesthetic filling is a treatment that improves the appearance of both the front and molar teeth. It’s worth noting that teeth must be healthy in order to perform the treatment, so if you have any health concerns such as dental or gum disease these must be healed prior to the dental aesthetic filling treatment.

What can it help with?

The treatment is ideal for patients who wish to change the shape and colour of their teeth, or those with cracks or damaged teeth. It can also be used to fix diastem – gaps between the teeth – and minor bite problems, and is an opportunity to replace seals if necessary. Some patients use dental aesthetic filling before or after orthodontic treatment.

What does the procedure involve?

Before the procedure, your teeth will be assessed by a doctor and you will discuss the results you hope to achieve from the treatment. Oral hygiene will be optimised, and teeth will be whitened if necessary. The tooth being treated and the area surrounding it will be anaesthetized, then the tooth cavity will be cleaned and damaged tissue will be removed. Filler will be used to provide the desired shape, colour and surface to the tooth in a way that looks naturally beautiful. The procedure will take around one hour per tooth.

Caring for your teeth post-procedure

Immediately after the procedure, it is important to avoid any foods that might stain your teeth including tea, coffee and any food or drink with a strong colour such as beetroot and turmeric. A few weeks after the procedure you will return to the doctor who performed the dental aesthetic filling for a check-up and any minor corrections. Be sure to brush, floss and rinse your mouth after meals to maintain hygiene – avoiding products containing large exfoliating particles – and attend annual oral hygiene appointments to retain the quality of the seals. With the proper care, the results of the treatment should last 7-10 years.

Dental aesthetic filling is offered by clinics including Ficlinica

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