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The Rise of Fresh Delivered Diets

3 MIN READ • 29th September 2017

Could these help you achieve your weight loss goals?

Imagine a tropical summer fruit salad, with fresh kiwis, juicy slices of mango and vibrant pineapple, all rich in flavour and that feel-good factor. Top this with a healthy dollop of smooth Greek yoghurt and a glass of delicious blended green smoothie, and now imagine this arriving at your front door, pre-prepared and freshly made just for you. And, what’s more, every bite is helping you to lose weight.

That may sound like a dream, but in truth it’s becoming a reality.

This example is just a droplet in the ocean of luscious treats and meals, oozing with flavour but designed to help you lose weight, that are finding their way to people’s front doors all across Britain. And it’s all thanks to the rise of personalised fresh delivered diets.

We’ve all heard of one company or another that can deliver food, as they’re everywhere. And now there are companies that can deliver fresh food, already prepared in meals, that you have personalised, directly to your door and that helps you lose weight. Bodychef specialises in exactly this. Every dish in every plan is handmade with fresh ingredients to make all of your meals delicious and rich in nutrients. Plus, delivering the food biweekly means it retains both its taste and nutritional benefits, and ensures you’re getting the freshest food for your weight loss target.

Under the microscope
Delivered diets, like Bodychef, offer a service with quality enough for TV royalty Martine McCutcheon and Kate Garraway, and even Olly Murs and Billie Faiers are raving about them on social media! But now you can diet like the stars too.

Four individuals experienced the benefits of delivered diets first hand with help from Bodychef, when they were seen on ITV’s This Time Next Year, aiming to lose weight to better their lives. Between them, they lost an astonishing 36 stone! One of these individuals, Robin, was even told he would not live past 40 with his weight issues, but Bodychef’s plans helped him lose 10 stone and saved his life!

Bodychef has also been seen on Save Money: Good Health, which looked at Amy’s weight loss journey to lose 7lbs. However, after only one month on Bodychef she had already lost an incredible 21lbs! She even started to mix up her plan by blending some of their breakfast ingredients to make smoothies. It was a great treat that still kept the calories and nutrition designed specifically for her and it goes to show how such a simple idea can have such radical change to how we diet.

But do they work?
While official stats say that on average Brits consume 2,000 calories a day and that obesity is rising due to lack of exercise, the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) found this to be misled. Their research discovered that Brits were simply lying about their calorie intake, skewing official figures and their own health. In actual fact, people could be consuming as many as 3,000 calories a day! So, the way to cut obesity isn’t just by encouraging people to go to the gym but also to pay attention to what’s really in their kitchen cupboards. Exercise isn’t a bad thing of course, but the main issue is the diet.

Amie Richmond, weight loss expert and nutritionist, believes that the extreme boot camps and intense muscle-workouts that have health-seekers hooked are merely short-term quick fixes. According to Amie: “In the long term putting your health first requires fuelling your body with the right nutrients, which is the most beneficial way to maintain a healthy weight and achieve your goals. While diet and exercise are both important for your overall health and wellbeing, particularly when starting your weight loss plan, it is vital that food habits change in order to see real lasting change.”

Amie adds that under-eating, over-exercising or skipping meals can lead to excess skin folds on the body where it has shrunk too quickly and the healthy way to lose weight is to use a diet, balanced in nutrients and food groups, that controls weight loss and doesn’t let weight loss control it.

So, in a weight loss world dominated by slimming shakes, starving ourselves and causing more harm than good, it’s easy to see why fresh food delivery services such as Bodychef’s are on the rise. It’s the secret that everyone’s talking about!
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