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Laura Whitmore: My Exercise Routine And Favourite Healthy Meals

4 MIN READ • 23rd January 2022
Health and Wellbeing by Health and Wellbeing

TV presenter Laura Whitmore talks changing up her exercise routine, slowing down her busy schedule and why making a cup of coffee is good for your wellbeing

With chillier days and darker evenings, it’s definitely harder to summon up the motivation to lace up our running shoes or make that trip to the gym. But, as TV presenter, best-selling author, and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Laura Whitmore tells us: ‘it’s about making it work for you.’ With a busy schedule and a young family to manage, she spoke to us about squeezing in exercise when you’re time-strapped; her healthy meals on rotation and what she’s most grateful for.

Does your exercise routine change now we’re heading into winter?

I prefer exercising outside than going to the gym, but when it gets dark you can’t go out of an evening, so that’s a little bit harder. Instead, I’ve been popping out the yoga mat in the morning and doing a bit of exercise then. It’s the little things that you can incorporate into your routine that make the difference. Take my mum for example, she’s obsessed with her step count, but she’s right, it all adds up! You look at your phone and it’s like, ’wow, I’ve done 10,000 steps just popping to the shops and walking the dog’. It’s doing those little things for your health and wellbeing that don’t feel too pressurising.

What do you love most about your latest collection with activewear brand Dare2b?

As an activewear brand it’s very inclusive (it’s even for people whose exercise is running to the bus!) so, I love that. And, I – like a lot of friends – tend to wear black all the time when I work out, so all the prints that Dare2b have different colours, which are great (and not too in your face either). It’s all about layering up at this time of year and I love getting ready for winter. I’m lucky that I get to see the different prints in advance so I can pick my favourite pieces. You can mix and match as well, whether that’s wearing the fleece on top of the bralette and the gilet over that. All the pieces are really flattering and I think, when we go to the gym, or throw on some clothes for a walk or a run, we want something that we’re comfortable in.

How do you like to keep fit?

One of the positives of lockdown was that a lot of classes went online and they’re still there, which is great! I think everyone has heard of Yoga With Adrianne and I do her videos a lot. I also have a few yoga studios that I go to when I can. I love hot yoga as well and a lot of places now have hour-long versions if you don’t have time to do the 90-minute one. You have to make exercise work for you. Before lockdown, I’d be travelling into a gym somewhere to meet my trainer and that journey could take a while, but now we can do things online, it’s definitely freed up a few hours in the week, for sure. If you want to do fitness regularly you kind of have to make it work. It’s thinking, ’oh I’ve got 15 minutes now, I can squeeze something in’.

What are your favourite foods at this time of year?

I’ve been breastfeeding for a long time now, which sort of just makes you want to eat everything, because you burn so many calories! But I think, again, with the seasons changing I’m definitely loving a big, hearty bowl of porridge in the morning. A friend of mine recommended a porridge called Ragi porridge, which is meant to be really good for when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. I crave carbs and stodgier foods when it gets colder, but it’s all about balance.

What are your go-to meals at the moment?

When you’ve got a young family, you tend to do what’s quick! One of the kindest things that my neighbour did was make me a veggie lasagne that could be put in the freezer. We’ve used Hello Fresh before as well – that’s good if you’re having the same few meals over and over. I’ve got a cookbook from my friend Clodagh McKenna [Irish chef and author] who does a soda bread that’s really easy to make. Once you’ve made it, that’s your breakfast for the next few days with a poached egg or avocado on top.

What’s your favourite way to switch off?

Even with a young baby, trying to switch off is really important. I love running a bath and getting into that. A lot of the time, even with my job, you’re surrounded by people. To have that time to yourself is really important. Even going for a walk, I’m not by myself as I’ve got the dog, and I end up bumping into loads of people and start chatting to them. So, time to get by yourself is really valuable to reflect. I think looking after your mental wellbeing is doing something nice for yourself and, for me, if it’s not the bath, it’s taking time to make a nice coffee in the morning. It’s the ritual of doing something like that. Even if I don’t get to finish the cup, the hopefulness is still there!

What do you feel most grateful for this year?

2020 was really difficult, but I feel like this year has been good to me through a difficult time. What I’m most grateful for is perspective. I think that sometimes we can get caught up on the hamster wheel of life and we’re moving too fast to take stock. It’s important to be still, and I’ve learnt the importance of stillness and being grateful and thankful for that. I’m glad I got that perspective this year.

What will Christmas look like for you this year?

Christmas will hopefully look like going to Ireland. Last year we couldn’t, because of everything that happened with COVID and rules changing. So, this year we want to try and get back there to see friends and family, so that’s what that will look like. There’ll be lots of food and long walks, hopefully!

Credit: The Laura Whitmore Edit returns this winter. Consisting of a 10-piece collection of wearable and comfortable lifestyle pieces; the capsule is designed to be versatile and suitable for any type of outdoor activity to keep you warm. The range launches 9th of November. Visit, to find out more about the collection.

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