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Laura Whitmore: “Don’t Be Afraid To Try Something New”

3 MIN READ • 25th January 2023

In between filming documentaries, recording new episodes of the Partners in Crime podcast and carving out time for exercise, it’s no surprise Laura Whitmore needs activewear that works as hard as she does.

Here, we caught up with the broadcaster and author to find out more about her latest collection with Dare2b, why she’s not afraid of new challenges and what she’s excited for this year.

What can you tell us about your new collection with Dare2b?

“My new collection with Dare 2b is versatile, practical and comfortable. Dare 2b is known
for its staple pieces that keep your wardrobe ready for a range of lifestyle activities. This
collection is especially fun as there are a few splashes of colour, such as my favourite
piece which is the INFLUENTIAL RECYCLED LEGGINGS in the Canton Green Animal Print
colourway. I love the colour and how comfortable they are – I can use them for any type of

Do you have a favourite piece for walking, running and yoga?

“This collection is so versatile, it’s hard to name my favourite piece for these activities! The
Black are great for walking and can even be worn as everyday pieces! Adding that extra
layer of clothing for outdoor exercises is needed right now, and these two pieces in
particular are so versatile they can be used for a multitude of stuff.”

What are you excited for this year?

“I’m excited to be working on an eclectic range of upcoming projects. I’m currently filming my
documentary series for ITV ‘Laura Whitmore investigates’ and I have a series with Amazon
Prime that will be out this Spring. A new episode of Partners in Crime, my true crime
podcast, drops every Thursday exclusively on Spotify – I record that from home with Iain
so that’s lots of fun – as well as two other telly shows in the works based in London. I’m also
looking forward to spending time with family and friends!”

Do you have any tips for someone who’s just started to exercise?

“Always listen to your body and any movement is good. Start out slowly and build yourself up
– going for a walk with the dog, that’s exercise! It’s about consistency and continuity. Get
yourself moving by doing something you enjoy and don’t be afraid to try something new.”

Is there anything you’d like to do more of?

“Absolutely! Speaking about trying something new, I have just recently tried
reformer pilates for the first time, as it’s all about strength. I love trying something new – it’s
important to keep the mind as active as the body.”

Laura’s Dare2b Favourites

Influential Recycled Leggings in Canton Green Animal Print, £17.95

Influential Recycled Leggings

Reputable Padded Gilet in Black, £49.95

Reputable Padded Gilet

Recoup II Half Zip Sweatshirt in Black, £27.95

Recoup II Half Zip Sweatshirt
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