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How to strengthen your pelvic floor

2 MIN READ • 26th October 2021
Ackelina Cvijetic by Ackelina Cvijetic

Here, the experts at Uresta tell us how to beat those annoying leaks for good. It’s been proven that exercise has many health and wellbeing benefits. Sadly, women often have to stop working out as a result of bladder leakage – also called incontinence – which many of us accept as a part of the ageing process. Although it’s common, it’s not something that we should have to suffer in silence – there are simple, affordable, non-surgical solutions.

    • Starting the conversation Many of us don’t talk about incontinence, so we may not fully understand it. Stress incontinence is a small ‘spurt’ of urine that occurs when you cough, laugh, sneeze or do physical activity, such as running. Urge incontinence (also referred to as overactive bladder syndrome) is a loss of bladder control just after an overwhelming urge to urinate.
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