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How To Burn Off Christmas Indulgence

3 MIN READ • 6th January 2017

Torch the festive season from your waistline with this handy guide

We know, we know – it’s January and Christmas feels like a century ago, but can you still feel a little ripple of tinsel under your jeans? Us too, which is why we caught up with James Golden, founder of Target Fitness Retreats to help us discover how to burn off festive excess.

How to burn 200 calories

During the entire length of December, mulled wine seemed to be on tap but just one glass contains a staggering 200 calories. To ensure every last drop is burnt off you need to go on a light jog for 15 minutes. Alternatively, find yourself a sturdy park bench to carry out an eight-minute blast of box jumps (10 reps with a 20 second rest and repeat) or conduct a series of walking lunges around your garden (20 reps with a 30 second break and repeat). Both will tone your lower body as well as burn off the extra calories.

How to burn 400 calories

C’mon, fess up! Did you overdo it on the mince pies? Or maybe you indulged with a portion of Christmas pudding topped with a helping of double cream? Well either of these two festive treats can rack up 400 calories. But don’t fret, you can burn that off in an hour-long five-mile walk. Why not take your dog to kick start their 2017 too?

How to burn 600 calories

As soon as December swings by, tins of chocoalte treats seem to pop up everywhere you look. From your mum’s living room, to the office kitchen and even sometimes at the tills while shopping – you just can’t escape those bite size chunks of calories. But did you know that eating approximately 15 of the little devils is equivalent to 600 calories? Counteract this by playing a highly active sport such as football or netball for one hour, or undertake a moderately intense workout at the gym. Using your bodyweight in the form of an interval session can be very effective. Why not try 30-seconds of shadow boxing (with a 30-second break after) followed by a set of jump squats for 30 seconds (with another 30-second break after). Aim to do this sequence for 45 minutes at a high intensity to melt the extra calories away.

How to burn 800 calories

Christmas = a booze-fueled month of events with your nearest and dearest. Then January rears its ugly head and you realise you need to work off the bubbles before you start looking like, well, a bubble. Four pints of lager or six glasses of wine can equal 800 calories – yikes! A 45 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout will fix this. Outdoor hill running is a great way to interval train. James recommends finding a steep hill which provides 100 feet of uphill running. When at the top perform 10 reps of either press ups, squats or burpees before jogging back down. Rest at the bottom for 30 seconds before taking it on again. Repeat this for 45 minutes.

How to burn 1,000 calories

Depending on what you choose to eat, a typical festive lunch can behold at least 1,000 calories, and this doesn’t include the extras on top. To burn this off, hit the gym for one hour of interval running reaching up to 80 percent effort and back down to 50 percent effort. To get that 1,000-calorie burn, go for a two-minute run at 80 percent effort followed by a one-minute rest. Then complete a two-minute round of hard shadow boxing or, even better, a blast on the boxing bag followed by another one-minute rest. The combination is sure to maximise your heart rate and ramp up the calorie expenditure. To burn 1,000 calories in an hour your workout has to be high intensity, so don’t hold back. Let’s get sweaty!

Want to burn off Christmas once and for all? Why not sign up to one of Target’s Fitness Retreats based in Herefordshire or Spain.}

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