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12 Signs You’re A Gym Junkie

2 MIN READ • 23rd February 2017

Feel like the gym is your second home? You're not the only one...

Do your friends and colleagues always comment on how much time you spend at the gym? Well, you my friend, have Type 1 Gym Junkie Disorder, a common condition which affects one in 10 of the population… Okay, so we may have made that up, but one thing is for certain – you are definitely not alone! So embrace your inner fitness fanatic. Heck, we’re with you!

1 You’re spending more time inside the gym than in your own house.

2 Your handbag essentials include a bottle of water, tracker and a change of gym socks. Hey, you never know, you might be able to fit a gym sesh in the lunch break!

3 Your friends joke that you’re having a love affair with a guy named Jim all the time.

4 Your idea of a fun Friday night involves a gruelling boot camp session followed by a protein shake.

5 If you have to work late and miss a gym sesh you sulk for days and let everyone know about it.

6 You’ve been known to wear a sports bra to work now and then – they’re just so comfy!

7 You plan your evenings around the gym’s class timetable. That TV show can wait as far as you’re concerned.

8 Your squad includes your spin instructor, two personal trainers, several other gym junkies and Linda from reception.

9 In your eyes, the gym solves everything and cures all. Feeling tired? Go to spin. Angry? Go to boxercise. Sad… hello treadmill!

10 Wearing a new pair of leggings is way better than any little black dress or skinny jeans.

11 Your trainer collection has dwarfed your heel collection for years.

12 And, if you’re being truly honest with yourself, it’s where you’re at your happiest and you never want to leave.

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