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Here’s how you can make your own plant-based milk

2 MIN READ • 26th September 2022

Discover the revolutionary kitchen gadget that allows you to make your own plant-based milk in under three minutes

If you’ve ever tried straining oats through a cheesecloth, you’ll know the struggle of making your own plant milk. But here’s the thing about shop-bought plant-based milk, while it may be healthier and more ethical than dairy, there are still unhealthy ingredients in them like emulsifiers, seed oils and sugars, plus they’re high in saturated fats and cholesterol.

Even with these possible health risks, shop-bought plant-based milk is still the most convenient option for those of us who want to ditch dairy…. that is, until Milky Plant came along.

Milky Plant is a revolutionary kitchen gadget to make your own plant-based milk at home. Simply add your favourite nuts, oats or seeds to the machine, along with any additional ingredients you’d like to add for flavour (we love this Banana Oat Milk recipe), and in just a couple of minutes your fresh plant-based bevarage is ready.

Milky Plant makes your plant-based drink in under three minutes!

Since good habits start at home, Milky Plant is the perfect compact tool to keep in the kitchen so you can easily make 100 percent fresh, plant-based milk in less than three minutes. With Milky Plant, you also have the added feel-good factor that you know exactly what ingredients are in your milk, without fuss, no additives and no mess. 

In a move towards sustainability, having Milky Plant at home means there are no more milk cartons or excess plastic waste. So not only is it healthy for the individual but for the planet, too.

Take a step towards a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle by making plant-based milk at home with Milky Plant.

Learn more and order your Milky Plant here.

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Rae is the newest member of the H&W editorial team, working on the mag’s creative branded content and joining the panel on the Walk to Wellbeing podcast. She’s spent several years living and working abroad as a copywriter... Discover more

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