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Gym Jargon Decoded

1 MIN READ • 31st May 2017

Don't know your lats from your glutes? We've got the answers

If you’re confused by gym jargon, you’re not alone. A report by Fitness First found that over a third of Brits admit to having been in conversations about health and fitness where they’ve pretended to know what’s being discussed. In a bid to demystify the slang, Fitness First has released a glossary to help you understand the latest health talk – you’ll sound like a pro in no time!

  • Bis or Pythons or Guns (Biceps brachii)
    Muscle on the upper arm between your shoulder and elbow

  • Lats (Latissimi dorsi)
    Muscle on the side of your torso

  • Tris (Triceps brachii)
    Muscle on the back of your arm between your shoulder and your elbow

  • Traps (Trapezius)
    Side muscle on your neck

  • Obliques (External obliques/abdominal obliques)
    Muscle on each side of your body. The largest and most superficial of the abdominals

  • Boulders (Deltoid)
    Shoulders that are strong and sturdy

  • Hammies (Hamstrings)
    Muscle at the back of your thigh

  • Glutes (Gluteal muscles)
    Made up of the three main muscles in your buttocks

  • Wings (Latissmi dorsi)
    Muscle on the side of your trunk

  • Quads (Quadricep)
    Front muscle of your thigh

  • Pecs (Pectoralis major)
    Thick muscle at the chest of your body

  • Calves (The gastrocnemius (larger muscle) and soleus (smaller muscle))
    Made up of two muscles at the back of your lower leg

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