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Kaye Adams

Five Minutes With Loose Woman Kaye Adams

3 MIN READ • 28th December 2018

British television presenter, radio host and mum of two, Kaye Adams, talks to us about looking after her health and life on Loose Women

How do you find a balance without over-working yourself?

My saviour has been my beloved dog Bea. I treasure my long weekend walks with her and (if they’re willing to brave the outdoors) I usually drag one or both of my daughters with me so we can catch up on life. This provides muchneeded relaxation time for me and a nice opportunity to take a break from a hectic lifestyle. Coffee with friends is also the perfect opportunity to revitalise my outlook on life – an hour or two chatting with good company always makes the world look a little better.

How do you strive to be a good role model to your children?

I hope I’m honest about my shortcomings and the fact that I don’t always get things right. I want them to know it’s completely normal to make mistakes, and that there are always lessons to be learned from doing so. If we don’t embrace our faults, it’s impossible to grow.

What’s the one mental wellbeing tip you swear by?

Talk. Get your problem out into the open air with a trusted friend or partner. It never looks or feels as bad when you can see things objectively, and speaking to somebody else can be a huge relief. What they say about a problem shared being a problem halved couldn’t be more true. Bottling things up can be toxic, so I try and avoid it at all costs.

What does your daily routine look like, and has it changed a lot over the years?

Most weekday mornings I’m up at 6am to do my radio show, and then it’s pretty full on from there on in. Admin, shopping and doing things for my kids dominates most of my afternoon, then it’s prep for the next day or off on a flight to London for Loose Women. My day does tend to be divided up into time segments, with not a lot of give to be quite honest, which is probably not ideal. I’ve always been someone who likes to keep busy, so even though the activities I’m doing may vary, I’ve worked at a pretty consistent pace for years. I do understand, however, that it’s extremely important to slow down every now and again.

What’s your favourite guilty meal, and your go-to healthy one?

My favourite healthy meal is tuna steak and green beans – I never tire of it. It’s nutritious and unbelievably yummy. My guilty meal is a croissant for breakfast. I can’t resist!

What are your biggest confidence-boosting tips?

My mum always used to say to me “you’re only worth the price you put on your own head,” and I think she was right. Look at all the assets you do have rather than those you don’t, and give them value. Downplaying your abilities can be really dangerous for your self-esteem. Although it’s hard, try to brush off any negative feedback you may get as an opportunity to improve your self-worth.

How do you keep fit – are there any forms of exercise you really love?

I really love walking. I try to walk to work every day and I also enjoy Spin classes – I attempt to make time to fit in a couple of sessions a week.

Was there a defining moment in your life that made you aware of the importance of self-care?

I’m still working on that. I suppose it has to be the death of my mum fairly swiftly after I lost my dad. It made me focus on how fortunate I was to have them and how precious life is. Looking after your mental wellbeing is desperately crucial when it comes to dealing with grief.

What has Loose Women taught you about the power of female friendships?

A lot! It really brought to light for me that good female friendships are very elastic and can take quite a bit of tension without breaking. A few of us have known each other for nearly 20 years now, and have all had our ups and downs, but we can still sit together and, within minutes, be sporting a good belly laugh. That’s valuable friendship that’s pretty unbreakable. Relationships like that make even the most ordinary of activities a great form of stress-relief. Who can be worried when they’re howling with laughter?

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