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Amanda Byram posing in sports gear

Amanda Byram On Kickstarting Your Health

3 MIN READ • 6th March 2019

The best way to begin spring is with a revitalising body cleanse, says our healthy living guru

By definition, spring is a time for revival, planting new seeds, and growth, so why not spend this month reviving yourself? Give your body, mind and soul the much-needed makeover they deserve. Here are four of my favourite spring cleans.

Energy cleanse

The new flagship Ilapocethary store in Kensington is a joyous wonder. Ilapocethary uses the synergy of naturopathy, homeopathy, herbology and phytoactives to help counteract daily stresses and environmental and digital pollution. In an age during which we are constantly on the go, the mounting levels of mental, physical and emotional fatigue are at an all-time high. Ilapothecary is the perfect antidote to combat the imbalances. Try the Bespoke Energy Healing session with Sophie to rebalance chakras and energy. Visit

Body cleanse

Spring clean your entire body and, most importantly, your digestive system at the famed Original Mayr Clinic in Austria. Here the focus is to help your digestion with a special cure diet. Food intake is reduced, under medical supervision, and a daily menu is tailored for you. Heavy foods such as sweets, high fat dishes and alcohol are excluded – for very good reason. At the Mayr Clinic, your digestive system is cleansed and rested, and you’ll be left with a healthy gut, which has been shown to improve skin, mood and weight, as well as reduce disease risk. Visit

Mind cleanse

Cleansing your mind is the biggest gift you can give yourself. This can be extremely hard to do, given that experts estimate people think between 60,000 and 80,000 thoughts a day – an average of 2,500 – 3,300 thoughts per hour, which is pretty mind-blowing! So, how do we quieten our minds? Meditation is certainly helpful and has been proven to decrease stress, reduce anxiety, better health and boost inner peace. If you can’t seem to sit still, try NLP (neurolinguistic programming). This practice explores the amazing relationship between the mind and language, meaning that what you say can affect how you think, feel and, subsequently, behave. My go-to NLP therapist is Akcelina Cvijetic at

Mood cleanse

Chances are you have your phone within arm’s reach as you read this magazine. Studies are showing that we are using mobile devices more and more, with floods of texts, emails and calls. So not only are we becoming dependent on them but also, with the added use of social media apps, we are now addicted to our handsets. Each time you get a ‘like’ or a ‘comment’, your words and actions are being positively reinforced, which in turn releases dopamine (the neurotransmitter that makes you feel happy). Dopamine is also released when you eat chocolate or use cocaine! Needless to say, this ‘user addiction’ is taking its toll on our health, mental wellbeing and relationships. So how do we quit this endless cycle? Here are my suggestions:

• Try using the screen time feature on an iPhone to have a regular reminder about how much time you’ve spent on your phone.

• Put all your social media apps into one folder on your phone. Put them on the last page, so you have to scroll to find them, then label the folder ‘Are you sure?’. Make sure you do not take your phone into the bedroom with you at night and do not check it as soon as you wake up.

• Buy an alarm clock or use Alexa to start an alarm. This means you don’t rely on picking up your phone first thing in the morning.

• At the very least, charge your phone in a nearby room instead of by your bed.

Meet the writer
Amanda Byram
TV presenter

Amanda is Health & Wellbeing’s resident healthy living guru. Her recent book, The Switch, is a distillation of all the simple and life-changing techniques, tips and tricks she’s used to step off the perfection treadmill and back into... Discover more

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