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Alternative Date Night: Couples’ Workout

3 MIN READ • 2nd October 2022

Forget romantic strolls in the park and candlelit dinners, and get your sweat on instead

If you fancy getting hot and sweaty with your partner, then we’ve got just the thing – an equipment-free couples’ workout. Put together by our friends at Arla Protein and personal trainer, Born Barikor who runs Our Parks bootcamps, it’s sure to get your heart pumping…

WATCH: The experts show you how it’s done


  • The Workout
    Do these 20 exercises in 20 repetitions for an intense couples’ workout. And if you don’t have a partner to buddy up with, a friend will do just as well

  • 1 Try the partners press ups. In the press up position face your partner and as you reach the top of the press up, high five your partner on the opposite hand to you when you meet in the middle.

  • 2 While your partner does press ups, lean yourself on his or her shoulders, keeping your arms strong, adding your body weight to their press up.

  • 3 Sit facing each other with your feet inside your partner’s. In a sit up position, put your hands to your head and perform sit ups in perfect tandem. Reach your arm to your partner’s opposite arm as you complete the sit up.

  • 4 Lay on the ground, with your partner laying down with their feet meeting yours. Move your ankles in controlled circles around each other.

  • 5 Lay on the floor, with your partner standing above your head. Hold their ankles while you kick both legs up at the same time, to meet your partners’ hands at the top of the move.

  • 6 If your partner can hold you at their waist, wrap your legs around them and cross your ankles behind their back to help keep you secure. Perform sit ups in this position, while your partner holds your weight to keep you steady.

  • 7 In a similar position, wrap your legs behind your partner whilst they hold you at the waist, but this time face forward. Lower your upper body towards your partners’ legs and raise back up again.

  • 8 Whilst your partner stands up, get them to hold your ankles, press up in this position, lowering your body towards the ground.

  • 9 On the floor, get in to the plank position side by side. Take one arm off the floor and put it around your partner’s shoulder. Hold the position for 20 seconds.

  • 10 As you do sit ups, get your partner to hold your feet and do high knees while you perform sit ups.

  • 11 While your partner does press ups, lean your hands onto their shoulders and do side jumps whilst they press up. Carrying your body weight makes it harder for them and you’ll have to stay strong while you work in harmony.

  • 12 Whist one of you does sit ups, the other places their hands on their partner’s feet and does burpees (without the end jump).

  • 13 Lay on the floor and lift your feet to a 90 degree angle, meeting your partner’s feet in the air. Sit up in tandem, reaching for each other’s hands as you sit up.

  • 14 With your partner on the floor with their legs bent at 90 degrees, lean your body weight onto their feet whilst they extend their legs.

  • 15 From the plank position, get your partner to move up towards a downward dog style pose, so you can crawl underneath. Once you’re clear from underneath their body, your partner moves into a press up while you bunny hop straight over the top of them.

  • 16 While your partner sits with their legs out in front of them, in a crunch position, they hold their arms out and pump them up and down. Meanwhile, you hold their feet and jump back into the end of a burpee (omitting the jump at the end).

  • 17 Remember when you used to play wheelbarrow races? Get your partner to hold you in that wheelbarrow position, then press up from there.

  • 18 While your partner does press ups, jump from side to side, over their body when they are at the lowest point of their press up, nearest the ground.

  • 19 Hold hands and perform the same exercise simultaneously. Lunge back on one leg and then bring your back leg in front of you and pull forward into a high knee. Swap legs and repeat.

  • 20 While your partner does press ups, do burpees by their side, jumping over their body on the end jump.

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