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3 Moves for a Flatter Tum

2 MIN READ • 29th November 2022

Cecilia Harris, the head PT at Results with Lucy, shares her top ab exercises

Looking to tone your middle and have more defined abs like Lucy Mecklenburgh? Thankfully her head PT at Results with Lucy is on hand to ensure we target our core with these three simple exercises. The best part… you don’t even need to leave the house. Just grab a mat and set up in your living room.

  • 3 Moves for a Flatter TumThe Hollow Body
    This exercise increases the strength in the abs and core body muscles. Aim to hold this pose for a minute at a time. Repeat three times for three sets, allowing a 30 second break in between.

  • 1 Lie down flat on your back and contract your abs, ensuring you are pulling your belly button towards the floor.

  • 2 Hold your arms and legs out straight from the body, keeping your hands and toes pointed.

  • 3 Slowly raise your shoulders and legs from the ground, making sure your arms and head are in line with your shoulders. The lower back must remain on the floor. The aim is to find the lowest point you can hold the position without allowing your back to arch and come up off of the floor.

  • 3 Moves for a Flatter TumLeg Raises
    Leg raises work all parts of your tum, especially the lower abs which are sometimes neglected. Aim to do rounds of 10 and repeat three times for three sets. Allow a 60 second rest in between each set.

  • 1 Lie back on your exercise mat and place your hands under your bottom. Slightly raise your shoulders and feet off the ground, keeping a slight bend in the knees.

  • 2 Using your abs, raise your legs to approximately a 30 degree angle while keeping the rest of your body steady.

  • 3 Slowly lower your legs back to the starting position without letting them touch the floor.

  • 3 Moves for a Flatter TumPlanks
    Planking is great for all-over-body toning. Aim to hold for 60 seconds if you can, otherwise hold for 30 seconds and build up your strength. Repeat three times.

  • 1 Start by laying face down on the ground, placing your elbows and forearms underneath your chest.

  • 2 Prop yourself up to form a bridge using your toes and forearms. Maintain a flat back and do not allow your hips to drop towards the ground.

  • 3 To make it harder, move from your forearms to your hands and hold. Or, do the plank transfer and alternate your arms by moving as quick as you can from your forearms to your hands and returning to the start position.

For more workouts from Cecilia, visit

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