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7 Ways To Supercharge Your Sex Life

3 MIN READ • 5th February 2023

Zero body confidence? Zapped energy? Jam-packed training regime? Whatever’s holding you back from releasing your inner bedroom goddess, these tips will help boost your sexual stamina and have you sizzling in no time!

    • Bedroom aerobics

      Aerobic exercise improves blood flow and circulation around your body. But, overdo it at the gym and all you’ll be thinking about is sleeping. Keep it short and sweet to get you in the mood. A quick workout (20 minutes at a target heart rate of 70 percent to be exact) significantly enhances women’s sexual arousal. Try having a quick sesh at the gym and supercharge your sex life!

    • Yell for yoga

    • You may want to mix things up. Yes, there’s even more reason to balance out your exercise regime. Regular yoga sessions are thought to help us enjoy increased sexual desire, arousal, lubrication and more orgasms. Why? The combo of stretching and deep breathing affects more than just your figure. It also stimulates your vagus nerve, which can fire up levels of key feel-good chemicals in your grey matter. The deep breathing alone has been shown to ease stress and anxiety.
    • Diet of love

      Lost your bedroom mojo? “There can be many reasons for low libido,” says nutritionist and author, Christine Bailey. “Good nutrition is vital for the healthy production of hormones, so eat foods that feed your brain.” Christine says that boosting testosterone in women is just as important as in men. “Zinc-rich foods can help, as zinc is needed for testosterone production,” she says. Here are Christine’s top three foods for firing up your frisky side:

      • Pumpkin seeds are full of zinc, and provide a rich source of omega threes, which are vital to overall sexual wellbeing and preventing vaginal dryness. Pumpkin seed butter, like Higher Nature’s organic version (£8.90, is a great alternative to peanut butter
      • Avocados are a top source of folic acid and B vitamins, especially B6, required for the production of hormones and energy. They’re also packed with healthy fats that are important for keeping your body lubricated
      • Maca is a Peruvian herb that has a long history of boosting testosterone levels, promoting vitality and helping male and female sex drive. Try adding Creative Nature’s Maca Powder (£12.50, to smoothies

    • Have Olympian orgasms

      Not getting enough satisfaction? Back in the 1950s, Arnold Kegel discovered a clear link between strong pelvic floor (PF) muscles and the ability to have a vaginal orgasm. So, exercise these muscles and rev-up your sex life! His advice still stands today, if the results from the 2010 Orgasm Survey are anything to go by. Before using a product called the PelvicToner (£31.99, only a third of women said they ‘often’ or ‘always’ achieved a vaginal orgasm during penetrative sex, and 43 percent said ‘never’ or ‘rarely’. After using the device the results for ‘never’ or ‘rarely’ were zero, and for ‘often’ or ‘always’ it was 75 percent! A DIY PF strengthener can be done by squeezing the muscles – like you would to stop peeing – a few times in a row, holding each squeeze for a few seconds.

    • Go go gadget

      A sure-fire way to rev-up your antics between the sheets is to experiment with sex toys. Never tried one before? They’re not as intimidating as you might expect. “The Magic Wand is an excellent sex toy for couples,” says Bonny Hall, head buyer at Lovehoney. “It has everything you need to relieve tension through a sensual deep tissue massage, and deliver immense pleasure for more intimate stimulation, with its flexible head, which is designed to access those hard to reach areas.” So, you can use it to ease your muscles, post-exercise, and for sexy stuff, too! The Magic Wand costs £39.99 from

    • Love your body

      Sex can give you an aerobic workout, help you sleep, release happy hormones and boost your immune system. But, many of us women feel uncomfortable with our naked bodies, which is sure to hold us back in the sack. Sexual healing and psychosexual therapy expert Mike Lousada tells us how to up our body confidence: “In daily life, look in the mirror, smile your most confident smile and tell yourself that you’re sexy and gorgeous. Do this every time you see your reflection – fake it ‘til you make it!” he says. “In the shower, repeat positive affirmations about your body,” adds Mike. “When love-making, wear underwear that makes you feel good. A romantic setting also helps to get you in the mood, so try burning aromatherapy oils and light candles to help you feel relaxed and sensuous.”

  • Pick your position

    If a heavy workout schedule, such as training for a marathon, leaves you feeling too tired for bedroom aerobics, Mike suggests the following moves that hit the spot with minimal effort: “Doggie style is always good for orgasm because it allows the penis to hit your G-spot easily,” he points out. “But, if you’re feeling really lazy, lie on one side (if your partner is right handed, lie on your left side). Allow your partner to make love to you from behind, spooning you, maximising body contact. From this angle, his penis will hit your G-spot and while he penetrates you, and either you or he can stimulate your clitoris for extra pleasure.” For more information about Mike Lousada’s work, visit

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