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7 Ways To Be More Positive

3 MIN READ • 2nd February 2018

Become a glass half-full kind of person with these tips from David James Lees and Alexandra Lees, co-founders of Wu Wei Wisdom (, that will keep your good energy in constant supply

  • 1. Curb the criticism
    Start to notice how often you judge, compare or criticise yourself or others throughout the day and how this impacts your emotions and physical energy levels. “These are all selfharming habits that, over time, become almost subconscious reflex reactions,” David says. “If you can put away the mental measuring stick and stop judging, comparing, criticising just for one hour or even one day, you’ll be amazed how it transforms your positivity.”

  • 2. Banish the faceless jury
    Worrying about what other people think of you is a fast track to negativity. Whether this relates to family members, friends, colleagues or an unknown faceless jury, this harmful habit gives away your power and potential. “Seeking validation or positive strokes from others so you can feel great about yourself will never work,” says David. “You are already enough. A mantra I teach my clients is ‘what other people think of me is none of my business!’ Become your own cheerleader by starting a supportive inner-dialogue with yourself and stop any negative self-talk in its tracks as soon as it begins.”

  • 3. Make and keep a daily promise
    Tiny steps can conquer the steepest of mountains. Seemingly insurmountable challenges can be tackled through small, actionable changes in routine. There is also a tremendous positivity boosting power in simply making and keeping a small promise to yourself every day. “Grab a sheet of paper, list out and break down any issues or goals you are focusing on into a series of micro-tasks or actions. Then work through and complete them one at a time. This will keep you motivated as you begin to accumulate and celebrate small wins,” advises David.

  • 4. Become grounded
    Earthing or grounding yourself by being with nature is extremely beneficial for your mental positivity and wellbeing. The roots of this practice can be traced back thousands of years to ancient Chinese healthcare principles. Visualise, feel, or simply be aware of the center of the earth and the free energy that it emits. “Spending just 10 minutes sitting or standing quietly in nature will help revitalise your mood by diffusing the business of your mind and encourage the healthy and balanced flow of energy between your mind and body,” David explains.

  • 5. Clear the clutter
    Feng shui teaches that your environment can uplift or lower your mood. Simple changes in the arrangement your home will shift and rebalance the subtle energy of your surroundings and boost your inner calm, creativity and productivity. “Begin by clearing out junk and tidying up,” says Alexandra. “Even if you can’t see the mess, it will still be stagnating your energy flow and positivity! I advise my clients to systematically declutter their desks, tables and shelves, tidy under beds, and ruthlessly clear out any junk rooms or cupboards where they may be hoarding stuff.”

  • 6. Let in the light
    Natural daylight is a great mood booster as it stimulates the release of the happy hormone serotonin. In the colder winter months when you may be unable to get outside as often as you would like, you can still boost the amount of natural light you enjoy in your home. “Spend more time sitting close to windows so you can enjoy the view and catch some daylight rays,” Alexandra recommends. “Keep all windows clean and position mirrors to maximise the reflection of light into all rooms. You can also brighten darker spaces with brighter coloured paints, wallpaper and fabrics.”

  • 7. Experiment with scentscaping
    By using a range of scents and fragrances around your home, you can stimulate or calm the energy of a room or space to positively influence your mood. Fresh flowers, fragrant houseplants and nonsynthetic candles or aromatherapy oils in a burner all work well for this. “In busier spaces, such as a kitchen or home-office, the energy should be more uplifting and invigorating, so use fresh and stimulating fragrances, such as citrus, geranium or eucalyptus here,” says Alexandra. “In bedrooms or a living room where you prefer to relax and unwind, more soothing floral and oriental scents such as rose, lavender or jasmine are perfect.”

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