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7 Ways Regular Fitness Improves Your Life

2 MIN READ • 29th November 2022

  • Fuel up
    “Since your body has been asleep and not had much food to process, it may use fat as an energy source instead,” says Romana Braganza, personal trainer to Jessica Alba, Kate Beckinsale and Eva Mendez. “However, that doesn’t mean you should exercise on an empty stomach; make sure to have a little something in you such as a banana or porridge to supply some instant fuel for your muscles.”

  • Beat the crowds
    If braving the elements is a little too eyeopening before 9 am, heading to the gym is just as beneficial. “The majority of people head to the gym straight after work during the week, making the experience more stressful than enjoyable,” explains Ramona. “Waiting for machines eats into your time and can demotivate your fitness goals. Changing you workout to the morning will ensure a peaceful and more effective training session, without the waiting.”

  • Get happy
    Did you get out of bed on the wrong side this morning? Slipping on your trainers could be the solution to turn that frown upside down.
    “Exercising (in particular, running, walking and cycling) has been shown to increase the body’s serotonin levels (the chemical in your brain that makes you happy),” Ramona tells us. “Once you get moving and especially if you can get outdoors to absorb some natural daylight, you may find you have a happier start to the day.”

  • Chill out
    As tempting as it is to use the cold weather as an excuse to hit that snooze button, Ramona begs to differ. “The cold temperature can actually lead to amazing fat burning results. Calorie burn can be higher in the cold as your body uses more energy to stay warm. Make sure that even if you do go for a morning run that you wear the right protective clothing. Layer your clothes to keep muscles warm without over-heating. Clothes with mesh or zips provide the right ventilation and ensure you stay comfortable as your body temperature increases.”

  • Fend off flu
    ‘Tis the season for dodging the germs and stocking up on echinacea, but there’s also another factor in keeping your defences strong this winter. “Staying active during winter is your best defence against colds and seasonal flu,” says Ramona.
    “Research from the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education found that cold-weather training boosts your immune system and cuts the risk of flu by 20-30 percent. Try 45 minutes of brisk walking, running or cycling each morning and see the difference it makes to your health.”

  • Mind over matter
    “Starting the day with exercise means that your metabolism will be revved up for the rest of the day, burning through the food you consume,” says Ramona. “However, this isn’t an excuse to swap that apple for holiday leftovers. Another benefit to morning sessions is that the rush or endorphins from training will boost your mood and kick-start a healthy mindset, making that 11am chocolate bar seem less appealing.”

  • Sleep tight
    Although it may be an obvious conclusion that exercising will wear you out and make you tired, it actually has the opposite effect. “Endorphins released from training will give you a surge of energy for the day,” Ramona tells us. Studies have shown that women who wake up early for regular workouts sleep better at night than those who exercise in the evening. Since exercise stimulates your body, hitting that evening gym session makes it more difficult to relax and drift into a peaceful sleep.”

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