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5 Fitness Aides To Boost Weight Loss

3 MIN READ • 6th October 2016

Looking to slim down for a big event? We've got you covered


5 Fitness Aids To Boost Weight Loss

The power of protein
Studies suggest that high protein diets can make you so full that you automatically eat 441 fewer calories per day, and what better way to increase your intake than with Good Hemp Pure Protein powder? Containing 75 percent complete protein, the 100 percent natural plant based product is made from pure hemp seeds doesn’t include any whey, soya or lactose making it gut friendly even for those with the most delicate digestion.

Boasting all 20 amino acids, including the nine essential amino acids which our bodies cannot naturally produce, Good Hemp Pure Protein is great for supporting muscle growth and maintenance. Perfect in shakes and smoothies, and with only 117 calories per serving what’s not to like? Certified kosher and suitable for vegans, pick up a tub for £18.99. For more information visit

5 Fitness Aids To Boost Weight Loss

Clean up your elevenses To slim down, it’s all about eating right, not less. Trade in your usual naught 11 o’clock treat for a nutrient-rich shake and get the most from your calories. Purition is made from real food ingredients making it a healthy option which leaves you feeling full and bursting with energy. The powders ensure that you’re consuming more protein, fibre, healthy natural fats, vitamins and minerals, resulting in you eating fewer empty calories from refined sugars, starch and processed fats. Prices start from £1.40,

5 Fitness Aids To Boost Weight Loss

Switch up your morning brew If you’re looking to reduce your calorie intake during the autumn months try Qi Green Tea Plus, a great alternative to sugary drinks or creamy lattes. Rich in healthy antioxidants, the catechins found in green tea help the body speed up metabolism and support healthy weight management, especially when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.
Qi Green Tea Plus (£1.59) is a delicate green tea infused with blueberry, pomegranate and red grape to create a refreshing fruity taste. Plus, it’s packed at the tea gardens to retain all the goodness of the fresh leaf. For more information visit

5 Fitness Aids To Boost Weight Loss

Sweat it out Heat is a great way to burn extra calories. From hot baths to saunas, immersing your body in heat can help you to shed unwanted pounds and what better way to sweat up a storm than in the comfort of your own home? Firzone’s Portable Sauna is ideal for those wishing to slim down, and is also great for muscle stiffness, detoxing and as a way to relax after a long day.

Unlike other saunas, the Tourmaline Pro (£269) boasts far infrared technology which creates a soothing deep heat similar to sunlight but minus damaging UV rays. The thermal energy penetrates deep into the body inducing perspiration at reduced air temperatures, aiding weight loss and helping to eliminate toxins from the skin. For more information visit

5 Fitness Aids To Boost Weight Loss

Power up your workout There’s no quick fix when it comes to fitness, but there are tools to help speed up the process. Vibration plates are designed to induce muscular contractions helping you tone up quicker. Just 10 minutes per day on the POWRX will speed up your quest for the perfect LBD body in time for the festive season. Studies have shown that the use of vibration plates can help to remove stubborn abdominal fat at a much quicker and more successful rate than regular exercise. Team this with its ability to boost circulation, tone the entire body and increase the effects of your workout by up to 10 times , and you’ll never want to get off. To find out more visit

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