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10 Healthy-Eating Ideas for a Beautiful Body

2 MIN READ • 4th April 2016

Each month Bodyfit’s sporty goddess inspires us to raise our game. This issue she shares 10 easy ways to stay fit and healthy

  • There’s a lot to be said for taking regular, fast walks, whether it’s to and from the office, around the block at lunchtime, or with the family dog. Always have a pair of trainers to hand!

  • I really love homemade smoothies packed with fresh fruit or veg for breakfast. Try swapping in almond milk instead of its dairy equivalent – it’s much lower in fat.

  • Dust down your bike and get back in the saddle! I try taking two wheels instead of four if I’m running an errand or visiting friends living nearby. Cycling’s a lot of fun!

  • Working with Well Woman, I’ve got into the routine of taking supplements every day. It’s something good you can do for your body and it takes just seconds!

  • Eat a balanced diet but try taking the odd day off from bread, dairy products or caffeine. It’s good to give your system a rest from time to time.

  • We’ve all head it before but use the stairs whenever you can instead of a lift. Every little helps as the saying goes!

  • Take a night off from watching TV or browsing the internet and relax by reading or try some easy meditation exercises to help you get a good night’s sleep instead.

  • I’ve recently discovered coconut oil and I like to use it instead of olive oil now and again. It’s used extensively in the foods of tropical countries like India and Thailand.

  • Here’s another easy swap: Instead of your usual caffeinepacked tea and coffee, pick up some herbal teas. Or you could make your own using fresh ginger or lemon or a combo of the two.

  • Invest in a skipping rope (or borrow the kids’!) and have a go. It really is a fantastic cardiovascular workout and good fun, especially if you do it outside on a nice summer’s day.

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