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Why Self-Care Is Here To Stay

2 MIN READ • 31st March 2023

Self-care is on the rise and we couldn’t be happier about it!

Whilst the coming autumn may mean the end of summer, it’s also a chance for new beginnings, so it’s a perfect time to implement those positive changes and give yourself some TLC.

A global survey conducted by the social media web and mobile application giant Pinterest, confirms that the importance of ‘me time’ has not been lost on Brits. Searches for ‘self-care routine’ have seen a rise by 140 percent. Their survey has also revealed that 37 percent of us would like to eat more healthy, whilst 31 percent wanted to exercise more.

So what kinds of self care are we looking for?

With so many options and ideas to practise self-care and take out some time for ourselves, the possibilities are endless. Pinterest has collected data on a rise of searches, which include ideas on positivity, healthy habits, organisation and future planning. There is no right or wrong way to practise self-care, simply do what makes you feel your best. Here are some of the most popular searches and ways of practising self-care.

Feel good routines

Healthy habits and organisation seem to be tied to the desire for set routines. Consistency comes with having a routine and that can help us feel calm and in control. So, it’s no wonder there is an increase in searches for routines, such as:

  • Morning routine videos (+161 percent) – we know starting the day on the right foot can make the world of difference. Whether that’s with yoga or a good breakfast, we want to look and feel better during our mornings
  • Productive days (+180 percent) – who doesn’t want that spark of productivity to complete the tasks we face during the day and the satisfaction upon completion?
  • Weekend routine (+144 percent)- it seems that organisation plays a big part in taking care, as it leaves us feeling prepped and worry free for the days ahead

Look good, feel good

When we think we look great, we feel pretty fantastic too, and this is something we can then project and present to the world.

Things such as physical appearance and how our skin looks can play a huge part in how we view ourselves.

Spending time on our skin makes us feel like pampered beauties, which we most definitely should. As a result, a specific new search trend has emerged under ‘drinks for clear skin’. Whilst other results for self care drinks include:

  • Korean banana milk
  • Indian drinks
  • Dragon fruit drink
  • Lavender recipes drinks


The best part of this is that self-care is far from limiting. Skin, body shapes and sizes are all beautiful in their own way. This looks like something we are learning to embrace (see body neutrality), as perhaps the most wholesome of searches to emerge from the Pinterest survey involves the embracing of what we might consider body flaws. Topics include:

  • Body hair positivity (+158 percent)
  • Acne positivity (+193 percent)
  • Stretch marks positivity (+163 percent)
  • Cellulite positivity (+69 percent)

Loving ourselves can put a lot of pressure on our bodies, but finding a little more gratitude for the things we already have in our lives is something we can all work towards. We are using uplifting quotes and affirmations to help maintain that bright mindset we had in summer and searching for things like:

  • Inspirational poetry quotes (+650 percent)
  • Positive quotes to live by (279 percent)
  • Healthy mindset (+71 percent)
  • Radiate positivity (+103 percent)

Want to know how a positive mindset can aid you during physical exercise? Take a look here.



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