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Show yourself some love

3 MIN READ • 21st February 2024

Valentine's Day may be over, but here's how to give your feet (and yourself) some love every day with the help of Skechers

How good are you at making time for yourself? If the answer is ‘not very’, perhaps today’s the day to start making a change. It’s easy to let the months fly by while you’re focused on making everyone else happy – whether that’s family, partners, friends, colleagues or even pets – and forget about you and your needs. So, consider this your reminder to treat yourself with the same love, kindness and compassion that you give to others. Small actions can make a big difference to your wellbeing, from treating yourself to something new to carving time out of your day for exercise. Read on for five simple ideas you can do today to show yourself some TLC…

Have an early night

Your mum knew best, and it’s the age old advice you probably give to your loved ones too – it’s true that a good night’s sleep can make the world of difference to how you feel. Research shows that the hours of sleep we get before midnight is the most restorative. So give yourself the best chances of waking up feeling refreshed by hitting the sack early. You don’t necessarily need to nod off straight away – in fact putting pressure on falling asleep will most likely have the opposite effect – try curling up with a good book to wind down. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.

Start the day right

When you wake in the morning after (hopefully) having a refreshing night’s sleep, you might feel like you’ve got more energy to exercise. Start off the day right by getting your fit kit on. The GOWALK Alpine Trail Legging (£55, is high- waisted, moisture-wicking with a soft cotton-like hand feel and matte finish. Super versatile for everyday and workout wear.

Step out for a lunchtime stroll

In fact, any time of the day is a good time to go out for a walk. But we get that everyone’s busy, so carving out pockets of time to stretch your legs helps to make it easier. So, promise yourself a stroll during your lunch break, work walking into your commute or school run, or plan an after dinner saunter with a friend. Even if it’s just a few minutes at a time, it all adds up. Wearing the right shoes means you’re ready to step out in comfort at any time – Skechers Slip-ins Max Cushioning Smooth (£120, are ideal, being supportive yet stylish enough for everyday wear.

Wear what makes you feel good

Finding joy in what you wear, otherwise known as dopamine dressing, is an easy way to celebrate yourself and your individual style and tune into the joy of the everyday. Treating yourself to footwear that makes your heart sing is a surefire way to brighten your day. Skechers x JGoldcrown: Uno – Spread the Love (£90, is a fine example. The internationally renowned muralist James Goldcrown’s designs are bold, bright and happy.

Make your favourite meal

Nourishing comfort food is the ultimate self-care. So instead of thinking about what the kids or others in your household want for dinner, consider what you really fancy. Listen to what your body is telling you – and if you’re worried it’s something unhealthy or indulgent, remember it’s okay to treat yourself sometimes. Homemade is usually healthier, so perhaps you could find ways to make your favourite pasta or curry dish more nutritious.

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