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Meet Miranda: The Supermodel Reveals Her Fitness Secrets

4 MIN READ • 26th April 2016

She loves daily workouts, green juices and is a certified nutritionist; Miranda Kerr doesn’t do health by halves. Here the supermodel talks fitness, fruit and fresh air with Health & Wellbeing

It’s not every day you see the words ‘supermodel-turned-nutritionist’, but that’s exactly what Miranda Kerr is. Undeniably beautiful, Kerr’s long limbs and girl-next-door dimples have earned her a successful career and a legion of fans worldwide. But if you think that the Aussie beauty is going to rest on her genetically-blessed laurels, you’d be very much mistaken. As a fully qualified health expert and spiritual enthusiast, Miranda’s passion for wellbeing has been expressed through her choice of brand collaborations and the creation of her own natural beauty line, Kora Organics ( ). If that wasn’t enough – throw in a Royal Albert partnership, a wellness book, consistent Reebok campaigns and a four-year old son and you begin to scratch the surface of Miranda’s lengthy achievements. It’s a wonder she has any time to work out at all. But work out she does and whole-heartedly at that.

Staying fit is really important to me. I try to do at least half an hour of yoga every day and then I add Pilates and some strength training with weights and resistance bands to elongate and tone my muscles. I’ve been doing yoga for over 12 years now – I like the (physical and mental) effect it has on my body. I used to do gymnastics so it really works to keep that core strength and flexibility. Generally, when exercising, I like to mix it up, from resistance training to hiking to going for a bike ride with my son. Every workout isn’t for everyone; find whatever it is you enjoy doing. I don’t think that fitness ends there – there are choices you make throughout your day that can help you lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.
I think that women are so used to multitasking and juggling busy lives that we don’t really think about fitting it all in – we just seem to manage and make it work. It’s important to decide on your priorities and make sure that you always find the time to do the things that are important to you. For example, no matter how busy I am, I always try to find time to exercise and meditate as it keeps me balanced. The key is to plan – I schedule everything from one-on-one time with my son to a call with my grandma, otherwise it doesn’t happen.
Nothing gives you a glow like fresh air so I try to get out and about as much as possible and walk wherever I can. I really try to look after my skin and I use products from my Kora Organics range.I also make sure that I eat organic fresh fruit and vegetables and drink water throughout the day.
Exercise makes me a happier and more balanced person. That’s why I feel such a connection to Reebok because, like me, they believe that exercise can help you be a better version of yourself. They know what it means to women and really focus on women’s fitness. Their products are also fun and different, with style and function – I love that.
I always try to carry healthy snacks with me that are easily transportable, like fresh fruit, nuts and seeds. I like to start the day off right with something healthy and clean like a fresh juice, egg whites with avocado or oatmeal. I follow an alkaline-based diet and drink between two and three litres of alkaline water every day to stay hydrated.
Sometimes you can’t avoid eating something that isn’t healthy if that’s all that’s on offer, but I try to make sensible choices most of the time, so I don’t give myself a hard time if I have something a little naughty! You don’t have to be 100 percent strict with yourself. It’s about balance, being kind to yourself, and knowing what works, but not feeling like you have to do everything. For me, it’s 80 percent health-conscious and 20 percent indulgence.
I love to spend time with my family, and I’m really lucky that I live in New York. My son is at such a great age, and it’s wonderful to explore the city with him. I take him to the park, to the farmers’ market, to the playground – and we go out for an adventure. It’s great looking at the world through his eyes. I love the sense of amazement and wonderment in him, and try to capture that for myself – to discover something new every day.
I often feel my best when I’m hanging out with my son in our lounging clothes, without any make-up on. I love to get dressed up for red carpet events; I find the whole process of getting ready and choosing my outfit exciting, but I love to look and feel natural.


I’m often short on time, working long hours or travelling, so I’ve developed a 15-minute workout routine that targets all areas, needs no equipment and can easily be done at home or in a hotel room. Not only does it give you a great workout, but it also increases your energy levels and improves your concentration.

  • One minute of push ups
  • One minute plank (or two 30-second holds for beginners)
  • One minute of squats
  • One minute of jumping jacks
  • One minute of left leg raises
  • One minute of bicycle crunches
  • One minute of right leg raises
  • One minute bridge (hold 30 seconds, pulse 30 seconds)
  • One minute of jumping jacks
  • One minute of alternating lunges
  • One minute wall sit
  • One minute of mountain climbers
  • One minute of jumping jacks

Take 30 seconds recovery between each move


Miranda starts her day with this alkalising concoction:
1/2 glass almond or goat’s milk
1 tbsp acai powder
1 tbsp goji berries
1 tbsp spirulina
1 tbsp raw cacao powder
1 tbsp maca powder
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp raw, vegan protein powder
Combine in a blender and enjoy!

Miranda wears the Reebok women’s collection, available from


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