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Kate Hudson reveals her feelings of self-doubt

2 MIN READ • 7th August 2016

She’s got Hollywood in her hand and her Fabletics collection on her back but Kate Hudson is by no means perfect. We talk to the superstar about pandas, business plans and pangs of self-doubt

I have a different type of confidence nowadays.

My 30s have been important learning years of my life. I still feel like the same person, but my experiences have shaped me. The confidence I have now is not about how I do things, it’s more about being true to myself and to what I believe in, not being scared of what other people think. That is very important to me. At times I do still have those moments of wavering confidence, but I think the older I get, the more I understand about life and the easier I think it all becomes.

I feel very excited about the success that we’re having at Fabletics.

It has been an amazing process for me, learning about the business. I’m really proud of what we have accomplished and how it is evolving and expanding. Inspiring women to start their own business is really important to me – I’m hoping we are going to be doing some talks with women who want to start their own businesses, discussing what is involved in creating and running a business. I believe we need more women entrepreneurs, creating more businesses. My partners are men, but our business is predominantly run by women, which I love. I think that women should always be supporting other women and that goes without saying.

I love working out, I’ve always been a very active person, ever since I was little.

I am happy being physical, but what has made the difference for me has been bringing in a more mental, mindful aspect to my practice, which involves meditation, tuning in on a daily basis, understanding where I’m at emotionally. My first book, Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body, came out in February. It’s all about finding the balance between enjoying your life and being as mindful as possible when it comes to your overall wellbeing. I’m not a fan of perfectionism. Trends and fads come and go and are not a long-term solution. We all need to discover what works for us and allow us to be true to ourselves in our individual journeys.

I can definitely relate to my character, Mei Mei in my new film Kung Fu Panda

but I am nowhere near as sure of myself, nor am I vain like her. She is fearless and thinks she is so beautiful. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that kind of confidence? She sees things her own way and she’s always performing. That’s how she lives her life.

These movies help us connect with something in ourselves and our own challenges.

What are the obstacles we are up against and how do we conquer our fears? How do we deal with our mistakes? How do we deal with our imperfections? These are great things that we want to be teaching our kids.

I’ve got lots of dreams.

I would like to do lots more projects with music, maybe a musical, on stage, that’s definitely something I want to do. And I will direct a film at some point, for sure. Right now, I’m very happy, everything is good… life is actually excellent.

DreamWorks Kung Fu Panda 3 is available on Digital HD from 4th July & on Blu-ray and DVD from July 11th, courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

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