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Kate Ferdinand and her new F&F collection

Kate Ferdinand: “I love the way fitness makes me feel”

4 MIN READ • 2nd January 2024

Exciting news fitness fans – F&F has launched a new collection of activewear, curated by Kate Ferdinand. To celebrate, we sat down with the mum-of-two to find out more about her new partnership with Tesco and ask why health and fitness is so important to her…

Congratulations on your new partnership with F&F – why did you choose to work with the brand?  

Thank you! F&F was just the perfect fit for me, it’s honestly been a dream of mine. It’s super affordable, inclusive and accessible and the whole team behind the brand are just amazing. Health and fitness is such a big part of my life. I’m constantly in activewear because it’s the easiest and most comfy thing to throw on when you’re running around, so I’m so excited to have my own edit and for you all to be able to shop the things I love wearing.  

Why is health and fitness so important to you? 

I just love the way that it makes me feel – I like feeling healthy and setting a good example for the kids. I love the effects of the endorphins it gives me and it’s true that you always feel better after a workout. It’s become a part of my life and as I’m getting older, I want to feel strong and healthy and take care of my body.  

Have you always enjoyed working out?

I’ve worked out for a really long time, since secondary school. But back then I don’t think I had as much of a positive relationship with it as I do now – I just wanted to be as slim as possible and would do different fad diets.

But over the last few years, especially since having Shae, I just really want to take care and be here for the kids when they grow up. I’m really trying to work on my relationship with my body and not let the pressure of society get to me, and also trying to just enjoy myself.  

What does your weekly fitness routine look like?

It’s all about when the baby sleeps at the moment! I do Pilates three times a week which I absolutely love, and if I can, I get to the gym once a week. Rio and I often have to take it in turns around childcare, so I am missing my workout buddy! If Shae is awake or needs feeding one of us will do that whilst the other goes to the gym. Sometimes she lays on the mat but you can’t get too much done as she’s at an age where she needs a bit of entertainment!

Cree has his own dumbbells which he loves. The other kids have their own routines going on but as a family we’re really into fitness – the older boys love football and Tia loves horse riding. But if I can get an hour in the gym with no one moaning at me, then that’s a success!  

What’s your favourite sort of exercise?   

At the moment I am really into reformer Pilates. I’ve been doing it for over a year now and I love it so much. I really look forward to going and try to prioritise that as I notice it if I miss a session. It’s really good for my mind and I feel strong when I leave.

Is eating well important to you too? What sort of meals and snacks do you tend to eat?  

I eat three meals a day every day and I love food! For breakfast I have homemade granola with some yoghurt, honey and berries. I’m a creature of habit and will have it every day until I’m sick of it and won’t have it again! I tend to have a form of protein with veg for lunch. I try to limit carbs slightly, I know I need them to work out and have energy for the kids so it’s all in moderation. So with dinner I do similar to lunch but with carbs, and I have that pretty much every day.   

I’m really into eating healthy wholefoods and this started after I had my c-section. I find that eating less processed foods is much better for healing. It’s been five months since I had Shae and I’m starting to feel good. I don’t eat takeaways really because I know they don’t make me feel that good. However, as cliché as is sounds, having everything in moderation is important and that does include treats!

How do you find time to look after your health and wellbeing? Do you have any advice for other busy mums?  

It’s difficult – as parents you put yourself at the bottom of the list, sorting everything out for your kids first. If your child is ill you cancel everything you’re doing, but I do try my best to make Pilates my one thing that I prioritise in terms of the gym. It’s not just a workout but it’s time for me on my own to think about nothing but exercise. It’s not always possible with different clubs and sleepless nights, but I try my best to make those sessions a priority and it feels like that does the job. I also find going for a walk with the dog is a great way of getting out – just 15 minutes of fresh air on your own is the perfect way to get a breather.  

What do you like to wear to work out in when you’re at home?

I love all of the new F&F ACTIVE collection, but my absolute favourite is the all-black look. Black is definitely my go-to anyway but this look is just so flattering and comfortable, and the fabrics are premium and feel so soft. Comfort is key when you’re working out which is why this look from the edit is perfect.  

The F&F ACTIVE collection, curated by Kate Ferdinand, can be found in selected F&F at Tesco stores. Available in sizes 6-22, starting from £10.

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