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How Zanna Van Dijk Stays Fit In The City

3 MIN READ • 2nd February 2017

The fitness blogger sensation shares her top tips for exercising while sightseeing in Britain's capital

Fitness is increasingly seen as an integral part of a holiday for many travellers. In fact, 42% of Brits agree that it is important to keep fit even when away – according to new research by But staying fit abroad need not be a chore. Forget trying to join a jam-packed early morning class, and instead try to incorporate some more activity into your sightseeing plans.

To show just how simple this is, Expedia has teamed up with top UK fitness and lifestyle blogger Zanna Van Dijk and challenged her to create a London itinerary as part of their new #fitnessbreaks campaign. A breakdown of her day can be seen below, and for more #fitnessbreaks itineraries from across the globe, suggestions for new and exciting ways to keep fit, healthy eating hotspots and more, visit the Expedia fitness breaks hub here

  • The Itinerary
    Start your day off with an early morning royal “Secret London Run” around St James Park. This totals to around 5km and is accessible for even running beginners. The route takes well under an hour and is right in the centre of ​​​​London. Not only will you get some fresh air and be surrounded by greenery, but you will pass by tourist hot spots including Buckingham Palace, Big Ben & Trafalgar Square and your friendly guide will tell you all about the fascinating history of the city.

    Total Steps: 5545
    Total Calories: 430

  • How Zanna Van Dijk Stays Fit In The City
    After you have finished your run, head for a stroll down the Southbank towards the Tate Modern; passing by the iconic Big Ben and London Eye. On your arrival, explore the Tate Modern gallery and take your time browsing the impressive and thought-provoking collections available there. Be sure to take the stairs when you can and delve into every floor of this incredible gallery.

    Total Steps (walk & gallery): 5387
    Total Calories (walk & gallery): 460

  • How Zanna Van Dijk Stays Fit In The City
    Once you have soaked up your fair share of modern art, head back down the riverside to the Southbank Centre and food market. By this time you will have worked up an appetite, so tuck into a wholesome salad, or even indulge in a stack of freshly made pancakes! Once you’re satisfied, walk towards St Paul’s Cathedral, crossing the Millennium Bridge in route.

    Total Steps: 4871
    Total Calories: 389

  • How Zanna Van Dijk Stays Fit In The City
    Now you have experienced the arts scene, its time to delve into the historical and architectural side of London. Take a moment to admire the outside of St Paul’s Cathedral and wander through its gardens, stopping for a coffee along the way. Once you’re inside, take note of the incredibly detailed interior and be sure to take the steps all the way to the top of the dome, to get a stunning view overlooking the whole of London.

    Total Steps: 3113
    Total Calories: 288

  • How Zanna Van Dijk Stays Fit In The City
    Total daily steps and calories for all activities together (and walking in between):

    Total Steps: 20,962
    Total Calories: 2347
    A total of 20km was covered!

This itinerary allows you to experience London’s beautiful parks, bustling art scene and stunning historical architecture, all while staying active. The close-knit nature of London means that you can easily walk between the majority of the main attractions, keeping you on your feet. The best part? The more steps you take, the more food you can eat!}

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