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Gabrielle Aplin smiles in a silver sequin dress holding onto a wooden ladder

Gabrielle Aplin Talks Mental Health And The Importance Of Routine

2 MIN READ • 20th September 2019

Singer-songwriter and mental health advocate, Gabrielle Aplin is back and in more control than ever. She’s experienced some dark days when she was launched into the world of music at just 17, but after taking a two-year break, she’s ready to top the charts once again with her brand new album Dear Happy.

Congratulations on your new album! What can we expect from it?

“In a sentence, it’s a documentation of me rewiring my brain and learning who I am as my adult self. I wanted to create something I looked back on and made me feel happy, even if all the songs aren’t happy, I wanted to create something quite bright and positive.”

Gabrielle's album cover

You took a two-year break from music, can you put into words how that’s improved your wellbeing?

“I went straight from college to touring professionally, and that was the first time I had actually stopped. I had to learn my routine again because everything in the music industry is not based around structure, everything is different and changes all the time, so back when I started again, I was able to see how I wanted things to work.”

What do you like to do outside of your music?

“I really enjoy cooking! I feel like I get the same thing out of it as I do with music or other forms of art. It’s a great communal activity, as well, but there’s also an end to it and it’s all over quite quickly. I’m really passionate about sustainable fashion, so I love making things from a sewing machine and being able to reuse fabrics and materials.”

When did you discover the power of self-care?

“When I started touring, I was just getting ill all the time. I started to realise what my boundaries and I think knowing my limits really helped. Now I’ll know when I’ve done too much and when to say yes or no to something.”

When are you at your happiest?

“When I’m at home with my family and my dogs, it’s like I’m resetting everything for myself. Another one of my favourite things is to come back from a tour or a big trip and clean the house from top to bottom. I’ll cook in my really clean kitchen and sleep in my really tidy bedroom, it just makes me so happy to reset everything for myself.”

Gabrielle’s new album Dear Happy is out on 11th January
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