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Five Minutes With Zanna Van Dijk

2 MIN READ • 4th January 2018

As a personal trainer and blogger, Zanna is a force to reckoned with within the world of fitness. We caught up with her to discuss baths, breakfasts and everything in between...

What are your tips for someone wanting to be healthier?
Remove the labels – don’t feel like you have to box yourself into one lifestyle or approach, find what works for you. Experiment and live in a way that makes you feel energised and excited to wake up every morning. Do exercise you love and eat food you genuinely think is delicious! Health shouldn’t be a chore.
What is on your workout playlist?
Throwback tunes. I am all about 50 Cent, Outkast and Nelly! Nothing gets me through a tough workout like Milkshake by Kelis.
What is on your daily menu?
Breakfast is usually oats soaked or cooked as porridge, or perhaps a smoothie if I’m in a rush. Lunch tends to be some sort of substantial salad based around grains, legumes, seeds and greens. Dinner is a warming meal – I love curries! My current favourite is a spinach, chickpea and tomato concoction. I always snack on dates stuffed with peanut butter too.
What are your rest day treats?
Two things – firstly granola. Granola is life. And also baths! They’re a luxury, I dn’t often have time for.
What are your favourite workout moves?
I have a few. I like reverse burpees because they feel explosive and powerful. I also love deadlifts for a similar reason! I enjoy feeling empowered by my workouts.
What is your motivation?
Habit. Fitness is now part of my life, and when I don’t eat well and train consistently I just feel off. I am my best self when I’m taking care of my body, so that’s what motviates me to make the right choices for my health and wellness!
What are your ambitions for the future?
That is a tough question in an unpredictable industry like blogging, but my main focus is to be someone with a purpose who inspires positive change and has a genuine message. I hope to continue to spread my passion and love my job long into the future.
How do you handle your busy schedule?
Prioritisation is key. I try to only focus on the necessities and give my time to things I truly value. Plus, I have some speedy morning hacks. Most days I skip make-up and just pop on some skincare saviours such as the NIVEA Q10 vitamin C day cream (£5.35, for a quick glow boost.

  • Zanna’s top five energising stretches to supercharge your body:

  • 1. Lunges with Side Twist Though
    Alternate lunges, twisting your upper body over the front leg to activate your core

  • 2. Lunges With Hip Openers
    Do down into a lunge and then drop your hands to the floor, use the hand closest to the front leg to push the knee out to the side and twist through your core to open your hips

  • 3. Frog Squats
    Go down into a squat and put your elbows inside your knees and your palms together. Then extend through the legs, straightening them to loosen the hamstrings, keeping your elbows near your knees. Return to the starting position and repeat

  • 4. Lumbar Twists
    Lying on your back bring your knees up to a 90 degree angle. Keep your shoulders planted on the floor and drop the knees down to each side, alternating to open up the lower back

  • 5. Lunge With Arms Overhead
    Alternate lunges while gently swinging your arms overhead on each rep, to open up through the core, legs and shoulders

Zanna van Dijk has partnered with NIVEA NEW Q10 Plus C Energy range to offer advice and products that supercharge your body and skin.

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