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Five minutes with… AJ Odudu

2 MIN READ • 9th April 2020

We caught up with the TV presenter to find out the importance of having a strong network of women around you and what no one tells you about running the London Marathon

What does fitness mean to you?

“I’ve got such a demanding timetable, so my workouts enable me to stay alert and agile when I’m working. Exercise is also empowering; it makes me feel confident in front of the camera and good about myself when I’m around such glamorous people all the time!”

What’s on your plate today?

“Breakfast is usually my biggest meal of the day. I’ll have two slices of brown toast with three poached eggs, avocado and spinach. I’m always on-the-go, so I tend to grab either a tuna baguette or Niçoise salad if I fancy something lighter. For dinner, it’ll either be mashed potato, lamb and veg or fish and rice.”

How is your training going for the London Marathon?

“I ran the London Marathon two years ago and ended up hating my training schedule and the constant running, so I’ve done more research this time and have found that I’m able to do three runs a week, while still incorporating my regular fitness regime. I do one workout class, a reformer Pilates class and a 10k run because they’re what I enjoy.”

What does no one tell you before running the London Marathon?

“Everyone said to me that the crowd give you so much encouragement and motivation – which they do – but ultimately, it’s your race and you can feel very alone, even when there are thousands of people around you running in the same direction. It can get very boring, so I would say find that one thing to keep you going. I’ll definitely wear my headphones this time and listen to my power playlist, as I might just need 10 minutes of Britney Spears until boredom passes!”

Why do you enjoy running?

“It’s the one thing I feel confident in and find so liberating. It’s also a great bonding experience, especially when you’re training for a big event. At the moment, I’m comparing notes with some other runners, going to group running sessions and I’ve met some of my best friends through the community.”

What is your favourite thing about yourself?

“I think I’ve got the ability to create a warm and loving environment. The nature of my work has enabled me to help put people at ease when they’re around me.”

How important is having a strong network of females surrounding you?

“When amazing broadcasters, such as Davina McCall or Emma Willis, comment on my Instagram posts, it feels really special because they’re who I’ve grown up watching and whose work I really respect. Without focusing too much on social media, it’s motivating to get that nod of approval from people who you aspire to be like. Having that support from women is so important, as I feel like they understand me better on an emotional level and encourage me to never be afraid to speak up about something.”

Television presenter and fitness enthusiast AJ Odudu. AJ is the backstage reporter for The Voice UK which airs on Saturday’s at 8:30pm on BBC1

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