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How To Feel Younger For Longer

6 MIN READ • 4th September 2018

Want to feel younger, for longer? These age-boosting hacks could help you stay on top form

Who doesn’t want to have a healthier and happier life? According to a recent report, life expectancy is falling both in the UK and the US – but don’t despair. There are loads of quick and easy tweaks that will boost your body and keep you fighting fit for decades to come. Here are some of our favourites.

    • Feel Younger For Longer
    • Eat the rainbow

    • Including every colour of the rainbow in your daily fruit and veg intake can really ramp up your health. This is because they contain different types of antioxidants to prevent cellular ageing. A study at Imperial College in London found that people who eat 10 portions of fruit and veg a day had the greatest reduction in risk of disease.

    • Heal your gut

    • Women who supplement their diet with gut-loving probiotics have a decreased risk of the type of bone loss that can lead to osteoporosis, according to a recent study. “Good bacteria [found in probiotics] manufacture B vitamins, such as folic acid, and help the body to absorb calcium,” says Dr Marilyn Glenville.

    • Feel Younger For Longer
    • Have a daily cuppa

    • While green tea is having a moment, a good old-fashioned builder’s brew packs a powerful punch too, as it is loaded with antioxidants that can help you to stay healthy. This is because they help to protect your body against inflammation, heart disease and cancer.

    • Free your mind

    • Meditation has countless health benefits but now Spanish researchers have found that it might actually reverse the ageing process, too. The study at the University of Zaragoza found that highly experienced zen meditators have longer telomeres (cellular age markers) than people of a similar age and lifestyle. Having shorter telomeres in your cells is associated with the onset of many age-related diseases, including hypertension, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and dementia.

    • Delay the big M

    • Not enticed by the idea of hot flushes and raging hormones? Good news – a study from the University of Leeds has found a link between what women eat and the onset of the menopause. According to the study data, a diet that is rich in oily fish, such as mackerel, could delay the onset of the menopause by as much as three years – and who wouldn’t want that? So, what’s for dinner?

    • Feel Younger For Longer
    • Turn off the telly

    • Switching off the goggle box is an easy body booster, according to researchers from the University of Queensland. They found that too much telly is associated with a horde of health problems. Including an increased likelihood of snacking and a relatively high BMI. What’s more, those who spent just five hours in front of the box each week had better lower-body muscle strength than more regular watchers!

    • Have more sex

    • A Welsh study found that people who have sex less than once a month have doubled their risk of dying prematurely than people who do it twice a week. Meanwhile, researchers at the University of California found that women who had regular sex had longer telomeres (age markers) than those who didn’t. The reasons for this could be because having regular sex is great exercise; it lowers stress levels and also fosters life enhancing relationships.

    • Feel Younger For Longer
    • Go nuts!

    • All nuts are good for health but, if you must choose, opt for walnuts. Not only are these mighty bites packed with potassium, making them great for cardiovascular health, but new research also shows they could half the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Apparently, just three tablespoons of walnuts daily could lower the prevalence of the disease by up to 47 percent.

    • Feel Younger For Longer
    • Read a book

    • Dipping into your favourite novel is a sure-fire way to boost your brain power. While age leads to memory decline, regular reading may slow the process, according to research published in the journal Neurology. In fact, those who nurture their noggin with hobbies such as reading could be an impressive 2.5 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than those who spend their leisure time doing less engaging activities.

    • Be bowel aware

    • One person in the UK dies every 30 minutes as a result of bowel cancer. But did you know that up to 95 percent of cases could be treated if diagnosed early, according to Ramsay Health Care UK. The key symptom of bowel cancer is blood in your poo so keeping a look out in when you go to the loo. It could add years to your life!

    • Feel Younger For Longer
    • Find your faith

    • Whether it’s Christianity, Buddhism or even Rastafarianism, believing in something can help you to stay young. According to researchers at Ohio State University. They found that religious people lived an average of six years longer than atheists. This is likely due to religious people living healthier lives but any strong belief – be it spiritual, political or social – seems to promote wellbeing.

    • Eat until you’re 80 percent full

    • The Okinawans, who live on remote Japanese islands, are one of the longest living communities in the world. Their youth boosting tip? They always leave some food on their plate. Stopping eating when they feel about 80 percent full. As well as combating obesity, eating fewer calories is thought to reduce overall stress on the body’s systems. Which helps to slash your risk of disease. A healthy diet has also been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke.

    • Walk to work

    • Getting off the bus a few stops early could keep you young, according to researchers at Saarland University in Sweden. They found that 25 minutes of daily brisk walking can add up to seven years to our lives. In addition to walking, it was also shown that any regular leisure time activity could potentially increase our lifespan by two to seven years.

    • Join a club

    • “Whether it’s running, dancing, yoga, cycling or trampolining, having a regular club to go to helps you to meet others with similar interests,” says Faye Pritchard of Faye’s Fitness ( “And if it’s something that you enjoy then it won’t feel like exercise, and will become the highlight of your week. This will help you to stay healthier for longer.”

    • Feel Younger For Longer
    • Eat more fibre

    • A diet rich in fibre from fruit, veg, pulses and whole grains not only keeps you regular but it can also boost other areas of health, says author Dr Shan Hussain. “According to a 2014 study, 35 grams of daily fibre is associated with lowering our chances of heart disease by 54 percent. As well as reducing our risk of dying from all causes by 37 percent.”

    • Find your sense of purpose

    • Having a job you enjoy or doing something that you love could help to increase your lifespan. According to a study published in The Lancet. Researchers found that people who felt that they had a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives were 30 percent less likely to die early. On average, people with the highest sense of wellbeing lived two years longer.

    • Keep up with friends

    • If you want to stay young forever, the secret is to nurture your close friendships and family. This is according to a study of centenarians. Research shows that people who live in the longest living communities in the world rate their friends and family of the greatest importance. This is probably because they provide emotional support, which helps us deal with stress.

    • Feel Younger For Longer
    • Brush your teeth (and gums!)

    • Did you know that gum disease could reduce life expectancy by as much as 35 percent? Plaque bacteria has been linked to heart disease and other serious health conditions. So brush twice a day for two minutes. Not forgetting to pay attention to the gums, and floss between your teeth.

    • Healthy habits

    • Want the secret to a longer, healthier life? Recent research may have found just that. According to a study of over 123,000 people over a 34-year period, there are five healthy habits that should be maintained to increase life expectancy by as much as a decade. The rules to live by? Eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, keep a healthy body weight, don’t drink too much alcohol and, if you smoke, stop it. These are simple changes you can make today, so what are you waiting for?

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