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The Fitness Activites To Get Involved With Around the UK

3 MIN READ • 28th September 2022

Pack your bags because holiday destinations are back on the agenda. Whether you need to press pause on a weekend staycation or tap into your inner explorer further afield, wellness travel is something you’ll definitely want to get on board with.

Keeping active and healthy seems all the more easier when you’ve got the drive of the new year and accountability factors in the mix (“I’m at the gym! Where are you?”), but as you tumble into spring and start to lose interest in those group gym classes, the goals you set at the beginning of the year can seem far from your reach. In need of a refresher? Hot-off-the-press statistics from OriGym have revealed the best fitness cities in the UK, based on the number of different facilities in the area, including swimming pools, tennis clubs and gyms. We’ve rounded up the best fitness classes in each location that are something a bit different from your standard studio sesh that’ll help to keep that motivation going. And rest-assured, these activities incorporate fun and fitness in equal measure.

1. Climb the walls in Birmingham

The city of Birmingham came up top with an impressive score of 457. As the second largest city in the UK, it boasts 182 gyms, 89 swimming pools, 79 tennis courts and 83 cycling clubs. If you’re in the market for a challenge, then you should head to Birmingham Bouldering Centre which is situated right in the middle of the city. Bouldering is said to help strengthen your muscles and improve coordination – not to mention you’ll feel like you’re filming an action movie! The complex offers individual coaching and group sessions, promising a different route to the top every time you visit. Get involved at

2. Take to the skies in Leeds

Next up on the fit hit list is the northern city of Leeds. Scoring a healthy 453, Leeds is also home to a number of eating places that focus on wholesome and nutritious food to help fuel your fitness journey. For a full-body and fun workout, Leeds Aerial Arts Studio is worth a visit. Its unique classes, including aerial hoop, silks, handstands and stretch and aerial yoga go hand-inhand with their mission to inspire women to step out of their comfort zones and realise they’re capable of more than they think. Fancy giving it a go? Beginners are more than welcome,

3. Meet you at the barre in Glasgow

Take a breath and head over to Glasgow city centre’s yoga studio that centres its teachings around Hindu Goddess Kali – a powerful female goddess of time, change and destruction. If you’re looking for a physical, mental and emotional lift, the barre classes at The Kali Collective help to bring your body and mind in line with one another again. Inspired by the classic and graceful ballet practice, a barre class requires muscular strength and balance, incorporating demanding cardio workout moves to help you create a lean physique. Don’t be fooled by the graceful, swan-like images that the idea evokes, as barre can get pretty intense and fun! Have a question? The experts are on-hand to help before your first class,

4. Jump around in Manchester

Let us take you back to your friend’s back garden where you’d play on the trampoline for hours; this experience is similar, but less of the ‘crack the egg’ game. High impact and energetic, trampolining – also known as rebounding – is great for improving your balance, core strength and bone density. And if you’re searching for somewhere to get started, we’ve found the perfect place: Flip Out in the healthy hotspot of Manchester. You can experience more than 100 trampolines in two hours or even book the whole place out to yourself and a group. Plus, the classes are great for kids too; they offer sessions for groups and can cater to children with ASD and disabilities. Book now at

5. Ride the wave in Bristol

Always wanted to surf the waves of Australia’s Gold Coast? It’s not exactly the same, but About The Wave comes pretty close. The inland surfing destination is set in an incredible green space close to the M5 motorway in South Gloucestershire and using wave garden technology, the surf lake is capable of generating a variety of waves, from gentle, spilling beginner waves, right through to high-energy rolling waves up to nearly two metres tall. The size and speed of waves in the surf lake can be varied, making it suitable for all abilities from beginner to advanced. They’re closed for now, but those waves will be ready to ride in mid-February. For more information, visit

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